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Adequan Question

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Missy has gotten 4 weekly shots of adequan. I do think they are helping her. She is now to go to every other week. (I forgot how long that is supposed to continue). She is due Thursday. I was wondering if it was ok to give it to her, possibly today (tuesday0? she missed her acupuncture last week (not getting until Friday) and is struggling more than she was. I do think her (amputated) tail is still painful; she has yelled a few times when sitting down. panting has increased.

So, would there be any harm in giving the shot two days early? I would then continue on the tuesday schedule.

thanks! Donna

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Won't hurt to give it a day or two early. Especially given that one of the standard protocols involves giving the injection twice weekly for the first 4 weeks before spacing it out more.

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Guest MnMDogs

I think Mork was getting his 2 times a week for 4 weeks as JJNg noted above. We've been trying to space him out to every 3 or 4 weeks, but he seems to need it closer to every 2.

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Won't hurt to give it a couple days early.


One of my horses gets it twice a year.

A shot every four days for a month...7 shots. Repeat in 6 months.

This is the new recomendation for horses, instead of monthly shots.


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