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Isolated Problem With Inflamed Gum - Any Topicals Useful?

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I brush the dogs' teeth daily. Lately the gum below one of Jeff's teeth is red where it meets the tooth. I pay more attention to it when I brush, and thought that would clear it up but it hasn't.


His mouth overall is in really good shape, the problem is isolated to this one tooth, so I'm wondering if there is something I can put on a q-tip and apply to the area to clear up whatever is going on.




Thank you!

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If this has been going on for days without improvement I would get the vet to check it. There are a variety of reasons I can think of for this including something up under the skin or an infection. None of the reasons I can think of would be readily treatable by a topical. Is that spot sensitive to brushing? If not I would worry that problem is deeper than you may think.


Hope it's something minor & easy to resolve.

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Thank you for the suggestions.


Biotene was what I was thinking of and couldn't remember the name. At this point I don't think there's much going on as there is no swelling, just a thin red line where the gum meets the tooth. However, if biotene doesn't clear it up quickly I will follow-up with the vet.

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