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Guest carmasims

Hello All!


A little background: My lurcher, Serendipity, was found on a Reserve here in Ontario, starving, pregnant and alone by the AC. A local dog rescue organization took her in and she whelped her puppies that night. We're not sure how long she was outside or where she came from- she's calmed down A LOT in the 3 yrs she's been home with us, but is still uber alert and uncomfortable while out on walks, constantly scanning, etc.


Just wondering if anyone has had any success with Thundershirts with their anxious dogs... My girl Serry is not a fan of storms, and I've tried mimulous drops and the 'anxiety wrap' with no real lasting effect. I'm wondering if the snugger looking Thundershirt will be more comforting to her, but I don't want to pay an insane amount for shipping/duty at the border if it'll be one more thing that does nothing for her.


I was discussing with a friend that short of just making her a little 'safe house', I'm not sure what to do for her, but would like to try this if people have had success with it...


Thoughts? Thanks! :)

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The thundershirt works for us with anxious fosters. I think it's the compression around the chest that calms them down. Thanks for adopting Serendipity. Is there anyone in Canada that sells them or might want to resell their shirt?


We also make them a den by throwing a dark colored cloth over their crate.


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Guest mariah

The Thundershirt worked well for our lurcher at first, but over time I felt like the calming effect sort of wore off (his anxiety was not thunder-related). That was just our experience, though, every dog is different. It sounds like her anxiety is pretty generalized...have you considered putting her on an SSRI?

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We've had great luck with our Thundershirt, as long as I get it on her in time. The effect, with Summer at least, is reduced if the terrors have already set in and the thunder is already booming.


And you don't have to import the thing -- we picked up ours at our local PetValu. And there's a return policy as well, if it doesn't work for your hound.

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I"ve had really good luck with the Thundershirt with my Standard Poodle. I use it fairly sparingly as I don't want to get him to used to the feel of it and have it lose it's effect but it does really help him calm down when he's really worked up and just won't settle. I only use it at home, doesn't seem to have much effect when he's in a different environment. I'd definitely recommend trying it, can't hurt and you'll get your money back if you feel it isn't effective.

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We had excellent results using it on our aged GSD, as well as a friend's Grey who stayed with us for a month last summer.

I also loaned it to a friend who found it helped her dog, too.


I did get mine directly from the Thundershirt company a couple of years ago, but now they seem to be readily available here in Ontario.


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