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Black Dog, Red Skin

Guest johnwe

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Some days it appears my black greyhound's skin is red. It's actually somewhat magenta. It's more colorful in some places than others (ie his legs, his belly seems to stay pretty consistently whitish-grey).


I am guessing this is nothing and maybe I am incorrect about any sort of change, but I thought I'd ask.

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I have two black greyhounds and when they get tired or have had a lot of exertion the insides of their legs (esp. thighs) turn pinkish/red. Carl's chest behind his white blaze will turn pink, too. I've never been too concerned about it as it goes away.

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George's skin appears red when he's hot.


I think it's because their fur is so thin, they have a higher volumn of blood than other dogs, and I don't know about yours, but George appears to "run hot."


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