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Glucosamine In A Young Dog?

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We recently put down our 10 year old greyt (cancer) and have a fairly new tub of glucosamine chews. Should I give them to a friend with an elderly dog, or give to our new 2 year old greyt? Those things aren't cheap! Would they be a good idea, like a vitamin supplement in our 2 year old? I wouldn't plan on continuing after the tub is empty. The new dog raced very little and isn't showing any joint problems (only had him a week, though). Might they be useful as a preventative?

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Guest Swifthounds

Vitamin supplements in a dog fed a balanced diet are more likely to do harm than good. There's no reason that glucosamine would be a problem in a young dog. In fact, it can be helpful in maintaining joint health (rather than waiting until it's bad enough to appear on x rays).

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Since you will not be continuing with the supplement, I would give it to the person with the elderly greyhound.


Thanks for thinking of the golden oldies.


Then God sent the Greyhound to live among man and remember. And when the Day comes,

God will call the Greyhound to give Testament, and God will pass judgment on man.

(Persian Proverb)

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