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Eeny, Meeny, Miney, Toe

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Well it looks like Nadir is making the rounds on his feet for toe problems. First it started with the left rear foot and the corn on a toe that caused him to limp for over 2 years while vets scratched their heads trying to find out why. Then we move to the left front, where he breaks a toe on it. After we get that toe healed I have the corn on rear toe surgically removed. I was going to post how

wonderfully he has been doing since that corn was removed. Not only was the limp gone, but instead of moving slowly he was trotting now on our

morning "walks". Then recently he starts limping again, this time it's the right rear. I took him in yesterday to see the vet for x-rays. He is suspecting a torn ligament from his examination and the x-ray. He's going to give me a referral to Dr. Martin, who is an orthopedic vet and is the one who identified the corn as causing Nadir's limp on his left foot and did the surgical removal, for his input. Looks like though my poor boy will be losing a toe most likely. I was relieved though that he didn't see anything else.

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Many good thoughts and prayers for Nadir. Bless his heart! :hope:kiss2

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Nadir! Sweet boy, we're so sorry you're having all these feet problems. Lydia will be sending you some heavy duty "telepafic" healing thoughts.


Feet and toe problems can be so frustrating. My angel Nick had so many problems with his left hind foot because the toes were deformed from an old racing injury that didn't heal properly. He did have to have the 2 middle toes amputated, and we had weeks of problems that made us wonder if that foot would ever be okay. But after that, he did fine. We got him a Therapaw for when he walked more than usual, and that helped.


Hopefully, you can get everything cleared up, especially with this newest problem.


Hugs to Nadir and his worried Mom.

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