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Health Insurance For Dogs?

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I have Petplan for my hound. I pay $53.00 a month and so far everytime I have asked them about a problem, they have told me it was "pre-exiting". I am faced with going to South Carolina for allergy testing and they are not going to cover it.

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I've got Pet First, which I like a lot, but the limits scare me if something big goes bad. The first year I had them with Carl they ended up paying out something like $1200 (for stitches, hypothyroid diagnosis, multiple visits to the vet and vet ophthalmologi$t to determine what his eye problem was and multiple follow-ups) without questioning or lagging payments (VPI...can't say the same thing). Energy11 has been raving about Trupanion for her crew and, to my mind, her experience is worth it's weight in gold! So, after doing a lot of research, I am in the process of switching over to Trupanion. Trupanion has a special deal going on right now, if you are a member of Dogster (which is totally free) you can then sign up for a 2 month trial of Trupanion...two months of no premiums and they waive the waiting period, too. You can go to their website to see how much your premiums will be. They are significantly higher than what I am accustomed to at Pet First, but they do seem worth it. They are cheaper in different parts of the country, as you can imagine, in LA, they are pretty stinkin' high!


If you want to try it, go to Dogster, sign your dog(s) up, then click on this link and click the HERE link, it will let you sign up for the Dogster Trupanion board and then follow the directions.


Here is a great link to a website that someone on GT recommended. I poured over when I was trying to decide which insurance to go with. Really helpful stuff.

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