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Lost Toenail

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Plummer has had toe issues for sooooooooo long. He had a biopsy and conclusion is deep bed toe infection.

He has been on antibiotics and probably will be for all his life.

Tonight he went out and Lou and Plummer were running and off comes one of his infected toenails.

Hubby calls me at work, blood everywhere. He is bandaged now and it has stopped bleeding.

Do nails grow back? And any aftercare suggestions?

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Guest Lovemyhound

Do a search here and you will probably find a number of threads re: losing a toenail... one of them being my own! <_< (thread that is, not toenail :lol )


Anyway, yes, they grow back. My girlie lost her toenail while running in deep snow this winter - blood everywhere - Yikes! I kept it wrapped for a few days, antibiotic ointment, gauze, vetwrap. Most importantly I kept it protected during walks with a rubber bootie - you probably wouldn't need that at this time of year. If Plummer wants to chew/lick at it, slip a small sock over his foot! :)


Of course, we don't have the added stress of your pups toe infection, possibly your vet should take a quick peek?


Good Luck!


(My pup's toenail is about halfway grown in now)

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Guest Energy11

From my first aid presentation at Mt. Hounds... hope it helps!


Torn Pads; Pulled Nails, Corns, and other foot injuries:


One of THE most common injuries to your greyhounds are foot injuries. For torn pads, pulled or broken off nails, clean the wound with antibacterial soap and water, blot dry. Apply Trypzyme-V ointment or spray, or triple antibiotic ointment to the wound.*You can stop bleeding from pulled toe nails with Quik Stop. Cover with a clean toddler sock (*usually shoe size 3-8.5), and tape the sock on loosely (*too tight will cut off the circulation to the foot ... you should be able to slide you pinkie finger between the tape and sock with ease) with tape, preferably, Transpore clear tape. Cover with a bootie. I use the high booties available from The Voyagers: http://www.k9apparel.com/index.php?manufacturers_id=5. Usually, a torn nail will fall off in a matter of days, but it is advisable to see your veterinarian for a course of antibiotics and follow-up for the injury. For small objects stuck in the pad like glass, and other debris, soaking in Epsom Salts helps greatly, and sometimes, the objects will come out on their own.



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Guest DoofBert

Both Bacchus and Bert (at different times) broke toenails.... they grew back.... although it took what seemed like forever to do so.


I took both boyz to vet for a look see... he wrapped the toe and cautioned me to keep to keep the wrap dry. (vet created a dry 'sock' from some blood transfucion bags (heavy duty plastic) As long as there was no more blood or sign of infection, nothing to worry about.


Note: Bacchus's toenail came back extra curvey... it is one odd looking toenail.



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It sounds like this. It looks like a blood bath.




Since you make mention of his having several infected toenails, I also believe that this could be SLO. Initially, it is commonly misdiagnosed as a bacterial infection and/or a fungal infection. While an infection is often present in an SLO dog, there is an underlying autoimmune process.


Please discuss the above article with your vet. SLO is somewhat more common in greyhounds than in other breeds.




p.s. Bleeding, infected toenails WITHOUT nail loss could be a sign of allergies.

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Roscoe ripped out an entire toenail back in February. He bled like a stuck pig. I just kept it clean, used antibacterial ointment and bandaged and baby-socked it. I did my best but we ended up at the vet a few days later. One evening I went to change the wrap, and his toe was very warm.. and smelled bad. Infection brewing! Vet gave us a soak to soak his foot in 3 times daily and an antibiotic.


His toenail has not grown back. He doesn't miss it. :P


Lisa with Finnegan (Nina's Fire Fly) and Sage (Gil's Selma). Always missing Roscoe
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