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Hi all,

after almost 9 months, i was resigned to the fact that Lola was going to be a dog that was just not very affectionate. She did not seem to enjoy being petted, and sometimes when you did that, she would simply walk out of the room, or move further away on the couch. :blink: bummer. But otherwise, she's a really good girl and we love her no matter what.

However, for the last couple of weeks, this is slowly starting to change. The look in here eye has softened, and she seems more confident and loving. This is really cool, and i was wondering if any of you had dogs who took a long time to act as if they actually LIKED you. :) Your experiences??



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Guest Wasserbuffel

Not a dog, but I have a cat that while he's always been affectionate and sociable, never really liked much petting until he was about 5 years old. He's gradually gotten so affectionate that now he'll sit on our laps, which he used to never do at all. Even to the point that my DH can be almost standing and the cat will still be glued to his legs.

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Except for one, all of them! :lol

Hounds, generally speaking, are an independent breed. Bred to hunt and think on their own, they are not typically soft and fuzzy.Of course there are exceptions, but as I said only one of my six was obviously affectionate and sought out affection.


Also keep in mind, your girl is not used to being by herself. Her entire life, she was surrounded by other hounds (assuming she is a retired racer?). Her whole world has been turned upside down. It takes time for greyhounds to adjust to a home environment. Some longer than others. Sounds like you are doing just fine letting her be and come around on her own.

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Guest aaspenwall

Yes, been there. My Bella took many months to go from being skittish to being comfortable in our presence, to actually wanting to be close and wanting to be stroked and touched. It was almost two years until we got to the point where she would lie down on a bed next to the couch and want me to pet her. Sadly, she was diagnosed with osteo and died a short 6 months after that breakthrough point, but I've always been happy that I got her to the point where she truly seemed happy and to enjoy life as a pet.

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Guest Jubilee251

We've only had Molly for 5 or 6 months, so I'm not sure what she'll be like in another 6 months or a year, but like Lola, she is not super affectionate. Occasionally, she'll seem to enjoy it (roaching to let me pet her belly), but she doesn't cuddle, doesn't really seek us out for pettings. She likes being near us, in the same room, but she's not a dog who wags her tail a lot (like I've seen with some other greys). I know she loves us though, in her own way - if Husband is out with her, and I join up with them, she goes BERSERK when she sees me from a distance. She also enjoys running after me...I think she just isn't very interested in serious cuddling right now. :lol

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Guest artemiss

Actually,yeah. Ezri was very reserved and almost aloof the first year we had her. I think sometimes they get shuttled around from farm, to training, to track, sometimes to another track, then the group(in our case a prison training program), then a foster, before finally coming home. Especially in those cases, it might take awhile before the dog realizes they aren't going anywhere else.

Now Ezri will even come up and snuggle with us on the couch. And she will very vocally DEMAND bellies!! :lol

Ezri also become far more bonded to us after the grueling process of getting her through her a very severe laceration..she went from being rather independent, to wanting to be very near one of us when ever we are here. I think it takes awhile for them to build that level of trust.

It does take a little time, remember,some of these dogs typically haven't known a lot of stability or had much one-on-one time with people.

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It takes longer than 9 months for them to adjust to a new home. The transition is very gradual.


Rocket is not a "cuddly" dog. He has never gotten up on the furniture or the bed, and for the first year or so did not sleep near anyone. In the last few months, he has started sleeping on my feet, or laying against my legs, and once in a while will even rest his head on DW if she's down in the floor. This was undheard of in the beginning.


None of this means that he wasn't affectionate though. He loved being petted from the first day we met him. Loved ear rubs, belly rubs, meeting people, etc - he just isn't a snuggler. I'm not sure that he will iver curl up with anyone on the sofa or or lay around watching tv with us - but that's just him.


Mark the date and compare notes in another 9 months. You'll laugh that you were concerend about it. We went through the same thoughts.




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My girls are affectionate only when they feel like it. If they want to be petted fine, if you feel like petting them, well wait until they're ready. They're quite independent. All my boys on the other hand can't get enough attention.

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