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Mammas, Don't Let Your Babies

Guest SillyIzzysMom

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Guest SillyIzzysMom

Cause while you are making them soak their sore paws,

They'll shoot you wicked stink-eye. . .



We've started (day two today) with the soaking + corn-creamed (ordered from that pharmacy talked about in this forum). When I ordered the cream I thought Zamm only had a corn on one foot--until I was messing with his other feet and noticed a biggie on the diagonal foot (R rear and now L front). That one doesn't seem to bother him (as much) but Jeeze! This is for the birds!


He's 8. . .and i've only had him since December. As far as I know, his previous owners said nothing about corns. I never saw his old vet records (only shot records) but you'd think they would have mentioned it if they'd had to have those treated. He's been off the track for over 3 years. Can corns randomly start this old? Could it be because we have hard floors throughout the house? (some rugs, obviously, but the major walking around places are tile or wood). Makes me feel kinda bad. . .seems I turned a perfectly healthy dog into a corn-dog in 4 months!


Although they are definitely corns and I suspect he'd get quicker relief with hulling. . .I'm a little worried to let my vet learn how to do this on my baby. The vet researched it and saw the photos (is there a video? I thought he said he saw one but maybe he must meant the series of photos). He said he could do it. But. . .he's kind of the "Let's dig these out a there" good old boy--and i'm afraid he'll try to go too deep, or if the corn doesn't seem to be ready to hull will dig at it anyway. . .ya know?


Any of you had a non-corn savy vet have a go at a corn and had a good result? Bad result? I feel bad watching Zamm limp around the house--I don't want to be keeping him from relief, but I don't want to hurt him either. Opinions??


Anyway--the past couple days have been funny. Although I do put socks over the baggies, if I don't sit on the floor with Shazamm he'll get up and start trying to shake off his booties. So there we sit--10 minutes with water, 15 minutes with the medicine. Me reading a book and giving him some sugars, him giving liberal doses of stink-eye to his stockinged feet and to the crazy woman who put the socks on him. I tell him it's for his own good but he is KNOT interested in hearing that. It's gonna be a long couple of months! :rolleyes: haha!!

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We are now at day 10 of treatment with two of our greys and have found really good results. Zeke is almost 5 but has had several corns since last summer. This latest corn appeared in Feb. and was taking forever to come to the surface. The corn/callus cream has worked wonders and the corn is now at the surface and seems to be shrinking.


Fiona is 8-1/2 and has never had a corn before. Two weeks ago we noticed her limping and discovered a small corn. The cream has also brought it to the surface and is almost ready to fall off or we can remove it when it gets loose.


Excellent results for our greys, especially after our experience last year where it took four months to resolve Zeke's corn problems.


In terms of hulling - we brought the information with the diagram to our vet last summer and they used it as a guide to hull Zeke's really stubborn corn twice. Eventually it grew to the surface a third time and we were able to pull it off when it became loose. That corn didn't grow back. We love our vet's and they were willing to learn about the "greyhound corn hulling".


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Guest Energy11

First, I LOVE THE TITLE OF THIS THREAD!!!! colgate.gif


Karen and I will be doing another first aid presentation at Mt. Hounds this year, and we'd appreciate info/date on this new treatment for corns.


Please PM either of us, or both, with any data, findings, etc. so we can maybe include this in our presentation.


Karen's GT name is bluefawn. Obviously, mine is Energy11.


At present, Staggerlee is the only one of my five, who has corns. I just hull these.


Thanks again for your input!



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Guest Adrianne

Can corns randomly start this old?



Yes. Wilbur never had a corn until the last month of his life, and he was 12 years old. What brought it on, I can't say. It was on his foot on the broken leg that he did not use.

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I haven't had to deal with corns, but I always wonder, about the foot soaking, how do you get your dogs to stay put with their feeties in water for 5-10 min? I just can't see any of mine staying still for that :lol


I wrap Mandy's feet in wet paper towels, put a baggie over that, then a sock over the baggie.

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Any of you had a non-corn savy vet have a go at a corn and had a good result? Bad result? I feel bad watching Zamm limp around the house--I don't want to be keeping him from relief, but I don't want to hurt him either. Opinions??


Non-corn savvy vet: Yep.


Result: Perfect.


I gave him the article and kinda read through it with him. He'd never even heard of dogs getting corns before and had never seen one. He did exactly what the article said and was quite tickled that it worked just the way it described. Since then he's had another greyhound come in with corns. Who knew, eh?

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