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Guest peggy

I am moving later this week from a four room apartment to a two story house. Just wanted to ask for some advice on helping Peggy make the transition smoothly. She is confident on stairs, as we have to climb them to get to my apartment now. I am particularly interested in how you may have "this house" trained a dog in a new home. Currently we have all wood floors, but the new home will have carpets and the previous owners had a dog. Advice on how to keep Pegs from claiming her new home? We plan to fully shampoo the carpets before bringing her there. Any other general advice is also welcomed.




Courtney and Peggy

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How about not washing any of her bedding (and maybe some of yours too) and scatter it around the new home so it will smell like her?


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I've never had an issue with my dogs walking into a new house and 'claiming' it. They've been in plenty.

Though Jet did pee on Liz's new rug once....


In a month we will be living in an empty house for a week before we hit the road south. Then living in an empty house there until the stuff arrives. They'll have a few toys, their beds, food, bowls, etc - and they'll be fine.

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I am guessing that as long as you're with her, she'll do great. Is there any chance you can make a couple of trips to the house and bring her along?


Ducky has a great idea about the bedding. Next month I make a 3000mi move with mine and I am not going to wash their blankets just before we leave so they'll be more comfortable on the trip and when we arrive.


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