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Greys Using Dog Carts/wheelchairs

Guest beepsandclicks

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Guest beepsandclicks

Has anyone had personal experience with their dog using a dog cart? My older girl (14) has started losing function in her rear legs...the vet suspects it may be LSS. She is certainly discouraged and depressed, and I'd like to help her all I can. I found a local family who makes dog carts for a very reasonable price, but knowing my girl's reluctance to try new things, I'm wondering it it would work. The lady who makes the carts is questioning if the typical greyhound temperament would allow for use of a cart--since they seem, by and large, to be highly sensitive beings who are leery of unusual experiences. I know my girl is this way, but I'm willing to give it a try. However, I don't want to traumatize her.


She has not been able to walk properly now for a week and has seemed to already lost a good deal of muscle mass in her back end, so exercise for her would probably be the best thing for her. She is receiving chiro adjustments from the local chiro/acupuncture vet who works with many GPA dogs here in Houston, so I know she is in good hands. It has helped her tremendously in terms of lifting some of her depression and bringing comfort, and she is also now able to walk short distances (10' at a time or so). She will begin acupuncture next week but is already on the herbs. I know I cannot halt what is happening to her body, but I'd like to give my best efforts to make life as easy for her as possible. I feel that she is still interested in life, as least somewhat, as she still loves a good ear scratch and a nice bowl of food. It breaks my heart that all of her organs are still in tip-top shape, and that these nerves in her back end are all that is keeping her from being her cheerful self.


Thanks, all.




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Guest jerrybird

Is there any chance that you could try the cart on a temporary basis? I am assuming that she has bladder/bowel control? Hard to watch them age and hopefully acupuncture will be a big help.

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You might also look into physical therapy - especially therapy in a water tank. It takes the weight off but still allows for resistence and exercise.


No idea about the cart. I think you would have to try it to see. Is she at all put off my mechanical devices or people with wheelchairs?

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Dana Provost had a greyhound who used a cart later in life. I don't think she's on GT but if you want to give me you email addy, I can give it to her......I'm sure she wouldn't have a problem letting you know her experience with it.

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Has depo-medrol injection been used or considered?




I do know in the past people have used these devices for greys that have sustained injuries; I don't recall there being any reports of them not being tolerated. One was very clever- a PVC pipe frame construction with wheels.

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