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Degloved The Webbing Between Her Toes

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I noticed blood on the floor (and numerous other flat surfaces). Zoe has managed to strip the fur from between the two longest toes on her rear leg. The webbing itself appears to be intact. Before seeing the actual wound, I soaked the foot in epsom salts and warm water. It is still oozing/bleeding. Not a lot, but she leaves a trail. Should I pack gauze and wrap it? EMT gel and a bootie? I have no clue how to handle this one. She is licking it, but doesn't appear to be in pain or stressed. Advice would be appreciated. Thanks.


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I would use the EMT gel. Wait until it is dry before trying any wrap or it will stick to the wrap. Maybe just a baby sock.

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Coco injured one of his feet (a rear paw, I seem to recall) where the skin just peeled right off. You could see the bone underneath. I had no idea how the vet would stitch it, so I washed it out with dilute povidone 3x/day, and after day two it had healed over (!). I've never seen a wound like that just... close up. We also carefully dried it, and packed the space between the toes with a non-stick dressing, 3 layers, bound it in place with 1/4" waterproof tape, then taped the foot, then put a sock over it.


Of course, all that came un-done after one trip into the backyard, so I can't say as my assiduous bandaging job made any difference.

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Guest RaspberryRachel

I would definitley NOT wrap it. I learned the hard way on this one. Even if the web is split, you want to keep it open to the air so it can stay dry.


If you wrap it, it will just take longer to heal, and be much more painful and irritating for the dog. Just keep her somewhere that you don't mind the blood spots if she's still bleeding. Rinse it with peroxide ONCE a day if you want, just to make sure it doesn't get infected. Let her lick, thats fine. If she starts obsessing, however, you may need to muzzle her with a cap until it heals. Shouldn't take more than a few days.


The drier it stays the quicker it will heal.

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