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Concern About My Whippet Who Has Been Vomiting

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I know Chase is not a greyhound but a whippet, but her breed is similar to a grey. She has been vomiting for the past three weeks several times a week. She pukes up a white foamy stuff. I have noticed this mostly when I come home to let her out of her crate then she goes outside. She hasn't ate anything in her crate and I can't pin point what would be causing this spontaneous act. Her most recent episode was yesterday morning she went out for her morning pee-pee and stayed outside until she barfed. She then came inside and went to her beddie. I know she wasn't feeling good. Around lunch time she started to play and feel better. She hasn't lost weight or appetite. Drinks plenty of fluids. Poo looks okay. Before I run her to the vet just wondering if anyone has had a similar situation with their grey. Thanks.

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Disclaimer: have the vet check her.

My thoughts: my little one did nearly the same thing when we first got her. I gave her a Pepcid for the days she vomited foamy stuff. Phazyne when her tummy was really gurgling. Neither was used on a daily basis.

She doesn't care for bread (as many here suggest at bedtime) but I found just giving her a teaspoon of wet food when I come home from work midday and sometimes in the evening has stopped the problem.

Occasionally she still will run outside first thing in the morning and want to eat grass. I shoo her back inside for breakfast right away. When she goes out to potty after breakfast she does not go for the grass.


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Guest Energy11

Also, I agree with the vet check. How old is she?


Sometimes, that white foam can be fluid coming from the lungs. This can be caused by many things, including heart failure, lung infections, cancer, etc. I do NOT want to scare you, and without seeing the dog, or listening to the lungs ... this is just a guess.


Also, could just be from her stomach. Either way, I would see the vet.


Good Luck, love, hugs and prayers for your little Whippet!

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