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First Vet Visit In The Us


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After being here for 3 weeks we already had to take Cara to the vet.

As I had mentioned before, Cara gets really red eyes and had been treated with AB's before we moved over.

Her eyes had looked better but the last 2 weeks they got really bad again and so we went, as discussed with my Dutch vet, the a vet overhere.

We had a feeling, after trying several things that she might have an allergic reaction.

We already had her on a diet with just meat, which hadn't cleared it up, so pollen or something in the environment was our next guess.

We had hoped with the big change we made that she would be better, but not.


Overall, it doesn't look like a big problem, but just think how terrible it feels when your eyes are always itching.


The vets over here were really interested in her passport, which is a must if you travel with your pet in Europe.

All vaccinations are noted down in there, every treatment a vet does and it contains their tattoo or chipnumber.

And as I am used to, I took it with me for this vet visit also.


The vet listened to the story and agreed with what my last vet had said and decided that she would measure the tearproduction in Cara's eyes. Not a fun test, but she behaved really well.

It showed that she was way below average, meaning her eyes were really dry and will not flush out stuff that doesn't belong in there. Now she gets eyedrops to help tear production.

According to the vet this indicates that she indeed is allergic to something in the air and that it may need lifelong treatment.


Already, after putting drops in her eyes for 3 times, her eyes look a lot better.


Anyway, just wanted to let you know that we probably found out what causes the redness and that I am really happy with this vet.

She took the time to listen and wanted to know what the other vet had said and done instead of totally starting at the beginning again. :)

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Great news for Cara! Getting to the root of the problem has to make you feel better, and I'm sure it will maker her feel better. :)


My vet looked perplexed when I handed them Argos' passport. :lol It was all in Spanish. :lol

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