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Super Fast Panting & Vaccs & Flea Meds?

Guest momz

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I know I'm a nervous mom and it was very warm today. But after a leisurely walk, Ziggy laid down and was panting super fast - like really really fast for quite awhile. We've had him for over a year and I don't remember him ever doing this. He is used to super long walks w/my DH. And although I'm not in the best shape, it was a very easy walk and I was not out of breath but he was panting like crazy! He just went to the vet last thursday and had 3 vaccinations and I did put frontline spot on him yesterday. My vet said he had heart murmur last year, but couldn't hear it last week. Is it a common reaction to have this fast panting after vaccs or flea meds??? :huh Thanks for any info or advice.

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Wouldn't likely have a vaccine reaction several days later. Haven't had any troubles with Frontline here. I'm betting the heat. How is he today?

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Went for a walk today and maybe he can't tolerate the heat well, becsause he is still panting over 1/2 hour, but normal panting. A few times he just stopped - like that's enough mom. And believe me, we can walk for miles in the cooler weather and he loves it. I'm just worried about his heart murmur (which was a 2/3 last year) or is he just wimpy in this heat?

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If your weather has been anything like ours, I'm not surprised by this reaction.

We went from 40s and 50s to 80/90s yesterday in temp. Our whole pack was panting heavily last evening, even without exercise.

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Guest Energy11

I, too, am going for THE HEAT!


It doesn't take long for a greyhound to get over-heated. I used to live in Florida, and I KNOW, mine would heat up VERY fast, and sometimes, had symptoms similar to yours. I seriously doubt it would be a reaction to the vaccs or the Frontline ...


In the heat, best to keep the walks SHORT, and in the early a.m. or late p.m. I have added Gatorade to my dogs' water in the past, during the hot weather, as well.


Hope all is well! D

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Guest speedoketo

My greys really don't tolerate the heat well. One thing I like to do is rub their bellies with a cold wet cloth and that seems to get the panting to stop a lot sooner. If they're super hot I'll spray them down.

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If it's over 70, George acts like he's going to DIE. I have no idea how he survived for three years at the race track!


As Batmom said, it's way past the time for a vaccine-related reaction, and although my old dog did react to Frontline, it was usually to poop within 1/2 hour--never anything like panting. Sounds like he was just hot.




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How hot was the ground he was walking on? Asphalt? Concrete? Grass?


When the warmer weather hits here, I try to keep the dogs walking on grass* (or pinestraw) and off the hot asphalt. The heat reflecting up from the asphalt is pretty severe, and then there's the temperature of the asphalt right on their feet.


Take a damp cloth with you on your walks--something you can use to cool down his belly. (Wipe his belly to dampen it, then fan him.) And if you pause for rests, make sure he's standing on shady ground or on vegetation of some type.


And is Ziggy the dog in your avatar? If so, fine. But if Ziggy is a dark dog, you might want to limit his time in direct sunlight. (My girls have both been black or mostly-black, and I worry more about them in the direct sun.)



*Of course, Sam has grass allergies, so I have to wipe his feet down when we get home. And I have to watch for ant beds on our walks.

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