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Just recieved an e-mail from a grey rescue that I work with asking if anyone has information about Limpoma. This is what I know...the greyhound has had one lump removed and has found more. Does anyone have infomation that I can pass on. Also, if you do have information is there any questions that I need to ask the owner.




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Lipoma or lymphoma? Big difference. I googled limpoma and most references switched to lipoma.


Several of my dogs have had lipomas over the years, most no bigger than a quarter. My vet evaluates them and if anything look siffy about them he removes them. Mostly he opts to leave them alone.


Our first non-grey did get a lipoma near her groin at the curve of her hip. It grew fast and big to the size of a tennis ball. This was removed and had "tentacles" that were becoming invasive into her abdomen. While benign we had to get it out before it put pressure or strangled organs in her abdomen. Easy surgery with no complications.


Comet's lymphoma popped up overnight on his throat and he was gone in 2 weeks.


Are the lumps on that dog at the skin surface? Hard or mushy? Popping up overnight? No real change in skin coloring of the lump vs surrounding tissue?


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Sometimes a lipoma gets quite large. My golden had one in his armpit. It went from the size of a raisin, to a grape, to a walnut, to a golf ball, to a tennis ball in 6 months. I had to have it removed because he was having trouble walking. He now has a new one growing close to the armpit on the other side. There are dozens of web sites detailing treatment options. They can often be left alone, but a vet should be made aware of them.

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