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I Found 3 Growths On River

Guest Annie

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Guest Annie

River's nipple:




Nipple close up:




Outside right elbow:




Inside left elbow:




River has had a history of lumps and growths that we have had removed and were found to be benign.


We have an appointment on Monday with our regular vet, whom I have great faith in.


Any thoughts as to what they might be?


Thank you!


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Stella had a ton of those, I forget the name though. Someone way more knowledgable than me will tell you.

Stelly had one on her snout that she would occassionally scratch off by accident :eek



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My whippet has those and the vet calls them hemangiomas. We just keep an eye on them and haven't had to remove any yet. Interesting to note, he is also white with black ticking and was a total sun bunny in his last several homes. I was told that they can be related to sun exposure. Not to frighten you, but he also had one that was removed and was a hemangiosarcoma. However, this was before he ended up in our house, so I have no idea what that one looked like. All I know is that the vet doesn't seem concerned. He has one on the inside of each back thigh and one on the end of his "hoo hoo" - that one allows him to pee around corners!


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He has one on the inside of each back thigh and one on the end of his "hoo hoo" - that one allows him to pee around corners!


OMG! I think I saw a whole thread about "hoo hoos"! It was hilarious! ..........................but around corners???????

Oh, you're killing me!!! :rofl


Seriously, about the growths, a friend's dog has the same things and their vet also dx hemangiomas.

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Guest KyGrey

Lee Lee had one when I got him that looked like a flat black mole. Over time it changed and became a knotty ball. I had it removed and it was benign. Thank goodness!


I would keep an eye on it and if it changes at all I would have whichever one(s) that changed removed.


Lee Lee doesn't have anything on his hoohoo but he's a side shooter. He pees to the left every time. :lol

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