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Mosquitoe Repellant?

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Guest wmlcml6

I just bought "Marigold Spray" by EQyss Grooming Products. It has an interesting smell, and was easy to spray on the Mudd puppies. I just sprayed it yesterday because we have heavy mosquitoes right now. I sprayed the dog house too, but it didn't keep the darn skeeters away like I thought it would. I'm going to try spraying the girls every 3-4 days in hopes that it will keep the bugs away as much as possible. It is supposed to repeal Flies, Gnats and Mosquitos.



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I, too, use the Marigold spray (for horses). It isn't very potent so it does not last very long but it works for walks and such. And it is harmless if ingested.

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I have used this all summer and it's worked really well as long as I remember to put it on her (and me) before we go out. I actually spray it into my hands and then rub it on her so that I can control where it goes easier. I try to keep it off of places she licks, just to be extra safe, so I will rub it all over her neck, the top of her head and all the way down her spine.


neem oil



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