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The Filling!

Guest gurehaundo

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Guest gurehaundo

On Saturday we adopted a girl by the name of Shiner. She is gorgeous! Shiner is from Wyoming where she was supposed to hunt coyotes and was kept outside all year long. I had actually come across her on Petfinder back in August but never went ahead with any paperwork because it was unknown if she were small dog safe. Fast forward a month later, and Shiner had been transported to Colorado. She was being fostered by someone in the Denver area. Well, my boyfriend, kids, hounds, and I had planned on driving over the mountains for the weekend to attend the Colorado Greyhound Adoption Picnic. I received word that Shiner was going to be there. To make a long story short, we fell in love with the little girl and brought her home on Sunday.


We're still undecided as to what her new name will be so if you have any ideas, feel free to post them! Some of you may recall my post about wanting a dog of a certain coat color and if it's wrong. Well, not only does our new girl fit in nicely with our family but she also completes our Oreo. Ace and Jac who are black tuxedo boys are the cookies and Shiner (new name pending) is the center.


Anyone want some doggy drool?



Here's Tovi, my girly IG, wondering why the new hound is missing something. Tovi had been the only girl her entire life until now.



Not quite the full Oreo... Jac is on the left, Shiner is in the middle, and Ace is on the right.



Shiner found out that she can fit behind the couch.



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Guest gurehaundo
Well, you've got Ace and Jac(k) so what about Queen(ie)? Would make the oreo in cards and colours.


Very beautiful girl!


It's funny that you mention Queen! Someone at the Picnic suggested the same name. To be honest, we didn't mean to name the hounds after playing cards. Ace is named after Batman's Great Dane mix. Jac is named after Samurai Jack! We like our cartoons! My kids did tell me that there's also a Jack in the Batman Beyond cartoon series and that there's a girl named "Ten". Ace, the Great Dane mix, is also part of the Batman Beyond cartoon series. Oh, Ten and Jack in the cartoon are members of the Royal Flush Gang so the dogs could very well be playing cards too! :lol


Keep the ideas flowing!

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wow...what a face! i have a big soft spot for white greys...

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i have a big soft spot for white greys...


Me, too. She's beautiful! I actually really like the name Shiner, but her eye also makes me think of Star Trek's "Six of Nine."

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Guest gurehaundo

I don't think Shiner is a bad name at all. Had I been the one to make it up, I'm sure we would've kept it! :lol: Well, we've decided to call our new girl Tenn - after the Batman Beyond character, of course.




Ace the Greyhound = batmanbeyond02.jpg


Jac the Greyhound = 1146349057_mid.jpg


Tenn the Greyhound = Ten_Walker_Family.png


Thank you all for your suggestions!

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