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Another Thyroid Thread

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A little background:

VooDoo (aka Da Dude) came to us in 2005 already on thyroid supplementation. It never occurred to me to question that he should be on it until I found GreyTalk last spring and began reading about everybodies experiences. He was on a pretty high dosage and we had actually increased it about 18 months ago. He's always been a hyper, attention-deficet grey - always bouncing off the walls. He was very skinny and weighed 68-69 lbs (he's pretty tall so you could see every rib and most of his spine at that weight) and I could never get any weight ON him. The clincher for me was after one of my other greys began an obedience class. I started using what Cash and I learned in class on VooDoo and Copper. Cash and Copper picked up their new behaviors very quickly, including the important "watch me" where they learn to look at you for a treat. Dude couldn't do it at all. So I knew something was going on. That something, after more research, appeared to be his thyroid rx - he had the classic symptoms of hyper (too much) thyroid.


Six weeks ago, after talking to our vet and having her confirm my suspicions, we stopped giving him his Soloxine. After 10 days, he began gaining weight and calming down. After 2 weeks he could finally concentrate enough to learn "watch me." He was initially a bit depressed, but he's bounced back and is our happy, bright, celebrating boy again though without the uncontrollability.


I took Dude to the vet today for his 6 week post-no-thyroid bloodwork like the fine folks at MSU suggest. In talking with the vet, we decided that we wouldn't do the $150 test (that tests 6 or 7 thyroid hormones and concentrations) at this time. Dude is so much better and not exhibiting any symptoms associated with low thyroid. He's maintaining a healthier weight (up 5 lbs to 76) and not gaining massive amounts. His hair and skin are fine - silky and thick, no hyper-pigmentation, no dryness or flakiness, no odor to the skin. His heart, eyes, and ears look great. His toenails are growing like mad with no splitting or cracking. The testing may or may not have confirmed anything regarding how low or high his levels are, as many people here know from dealing with their own greys thyroid difficulties.


So long story short - we're doing nothing right now but continuing to monitor him and watch for any significant changes that would indicate a problem. (And saving the $150!) Part of me wants to know what his numbers are, but the other part knows he's healthy and happy and I should just go with it!


For now anyway, Dude thyroid saga is officially on hiatus!


greysmom :D



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WooHoo Dude! Good job. Hey, if you need to gain a little, come on over to our house! Hey, wait a minute, my mama just said she sent your mom a pm about coming over, woohoo! Another friend, and now that you're feeling better, I can learn from the master!


Gus ...... ok, mama, and Gracie too!

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Cool beans!


Since he's off the meds, you can always decide later to have a thyroid panel if something develops that warrants it. Glad he is feeling well!

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Guest KennelMom

We'd probably do watch and wait too...Glad to hear he's 'new and improved' without the unnecessary meds! I wonder how many greyhounds are treated for low thyroid when they really don't have it...

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Hey...if it were me...no symptoms of hypothyroidism and my babe was feeling fine...I would not run the test either. However with Flashy~he was a true textbook case of hypothyroidism. :blush The good news is...if he should develop symptoms down the road...there would be no waiting period to send the blood off to MSU. Sounds like everything is very good! Way to go sweetie! :wub:


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