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Greetings From Central Florida

Guest MJandthe6

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Guest MJandthe6

Hi Everyone,


I've been around for a while just couldn't figure out how to post pictures. I still don't know if this will work or not but here goes.


I've had sighthounds for many years but have only three (very old) Whippets left. I've lost two of my beloved babies in the past year, both to old age, and the house seemed empty with only three dogs.


So................I am fostering two Greyhounds and just having them here has really livened this place up!


Wrangler is 5 years old and Bonnie is 4. They are both SCAL (Second Chance at Life) dogs and were trained by inmates at the prison in Coldwater, MI, then brought back to Florida and housed at the Hernando Co. Jail where I picked them up in May. They have adapted easily to a home environment and get along well with the Whippets. Neither is cat or very small dog friendly. They are both very outgoing and friendly and love to go to Meets and Greets.


(Well, I still can't do the pics--don't know why this is so hard for me, duh)





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Guest freightsmom

Hi Mary,


I know those pups! I'm over in Lakeland but volunteer with the BAGA group. It's great to hear they are both with you, I know they are still looking for their forever home after graduating from SCAL some time back.


I have two pups from the SCAL program too. I'm ashamed to say I have not taken time to even introduce to the group my recent chip, BB's Aim. I rarely post pics either so I have to go back to remember how to so I'll work on posting Aim's intro and see if I can offer help in posting your pics.



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Guest MJandthe6

Thanks for the "Hi's" everyone.


To Greyhound Poet: I lived in Greenville, SC for many years--I still miss it up there, especially in the fall--I have had Whippets, both for show and some rescues over the years. I have also kept friends Afghans and other dogs when they couldn't take them to shows.


To Roxanne: I would appreciate any help with the photos. I did post one of Wrangler in the "Grins" last week but it must have been a fluke because I couldn't remember what I did. Duh. Are you going to the picnic in Tampa on Oct. 5th?

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Hello from New Jersey :wave


Nice to hear you're fostering, and two at a time! :)


Nice, too, that they're livening up things at your house. Hope your time with Bonnie and Wrangler is lots of fun!

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Guest MJandthe6

After much aggravation, here are photos of my two fosters. Sorry about the "weird" look. I hope I'll get better. . .


Here's the lovely Bonnie:



And handsome Wrangler:





Just got a call a little while ago and both these guys are going to their "forever homes" on Thursday. Don't know all the details yet, just somewhere in Georgia. I'm all choked up just typing this. Happy, but I'll miss them so much.

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welcome from southern california!

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