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  1. My first 3 greys have all passed from Osteosarcoma. Mimosa Grove is a descendant of HB's Commander Mi Ami is a descendant of HB's Commander Deco Barnett is a descendant of HB's Commander on both dam and sire sides, and also Wigwam Wag. My current dogs are healthy. We just adopted Centeno in February. She is a descendant of Wigwam Wag on both sides, and also HB's Commander Mac's Cher is a descendant of HB's Commander.
  2. He wore his jacket a few days ago. We still have all 3 jackets and get lots of compliments on them. Cher is now wearing Mimosa's.
  3. I fell in love with Bam Bam right here on Greytalk. Coach had posted his picture. He had been injured and retired, and Coach posted pix of a beautiful red greyhound with soulful eyes. He said Bam Bam would make someone a wonderful pet. He had just turned 2 years old. We adopted him a few weeks before Christmas, 2007, and he became our 3rd greyhound, and we had a pack. We actually didn't adopt him right away, we fostered with intent to fail. I wasn't so sure 3 was a good idea, 2 was ideal, he was male, and we didn't know if he was cat safe. He was a pain in the butt to housetrain after
  4. Sorry to say, I'm back again. Mimosa Grove, lost to Osteosarcoma left hip 3/3/14, age 10 Mi Ami (Mimi) lost to Osteosarcoma left knee 7/31/15, age 12 Deco Barnett (Bam Bam), age 10, still with us, diagnosed with Osteosarcoma in left shoulder this month. We have not done xrays this time, but our vet is 99% certain it's back again. Mac's Cher (Cher), age 5, is healthy.
  5. Our sweet girl is gone. Our hearts are broken. She developed the evil Osteosarcoma in her knee a few months ago. She fought the good fight. I first saw Mimi's picture on Greytalk, posted by Cathie, and Mimi was looking for a home. I was smitten by her soulful eyes and gorgeous face. We had our first greyhound, Mimosa Grove, (who we lost to OS last year) for about 6 months, and I had already learned the "rule" with greyhounds being like potato chips, and it seemed that Mimosa needed a buddy. So Mimosa and I went out to Cathie's farm to meet Mimi. I already knew that she was shy, ver
  6. mimosasmom

    Cher's SS gifts 2014

    Prezzies Cher received from her SS Juliemac!
  7. mimosasmom


    Mac's Cher, adopted 4/4/14
  8. Can you tell me what you pay, and what size bag? I'm sure it varies by location, but I am curious.
  9. Are you still feeding it? I was at a dog event on Saturday and got some samples. Cher loved it, but the nearest dealer is 30 to 45 minutes away. Trying to decide if it's worth it. Currently buying TOTW online.
  10. He is missed. Thank you for continuing to share him!
  11. Sorry for the delay in responding. We had a rough week. Lots of housebreaking issues. She went in her crate on 3 different days, also in the house. I was in contact with our vet after the 2nd day and was told to give her Imodium and a bland diet. We did that, and then her timing was off and we had housebreaking issues overnight. So I decided to take her to see the vet Monday. Bloodwork and fecal sent off to lab. Results back today and everything normal, except for electrolytes low, but expected after diarrhea. She was down about 2 pounds since her visit a couple of weeks ago. She's on p
  12. Cher had the big D in her crate yesterday. My daughter found it and took her out several times yesterday afternoon. She also puked once DH gave her dinner and I gave her a bath last nite after work. She was fine all night. Ate breakfast and seemed normal today. My son works at noon and when he went to take her out late this morning she had the Big D in her crate again. Hubby thinks she got into some Armadillo crap before he could stop her yesterday morning on their walk. I messaged my vet but no response yet. We all work until after they close, except for DD who will be home after school. W
  13. Thank you everyone. It's been almost a week and we are trying to adjust to our new "normal". I still can't believe she's gone.
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