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  1. My first 3 greys have all passed from Osteosarcoma. Mimosa Grove is a descendant of HB's Commander Mi Ami is a descendant of HB's Commander Deco Barnett is a descendant of HB's Commander on both dam and sire sides, and also Wigwam Wag. My current dogs are healthy. We just adopted Centeno in February. She is a descendant of Wigwam Wag on both sides, and also HB's Commander Mac's Cher is a descendant of HB's Commander.
  2. Sorry to say, I'm back again. Mimosa Grove, lost to Osteosarcoma left hip 3/3/14, age 10 Mi Ami (Mimi) lost to Osteosarcoma left knee 7/31/15, age 12 Deco Barnett (Bam Bam), age 10, still with us, diagnosed with Osteosarcoma in left shoulder this month. We have not done xrays this time, but our vet is 99% certain it's back again. Mac's Cher (Cher), age 5, is healthy.
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    Cher's SS gifts 2014

    Prezzies Cher received from her SS Juliemac!
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    Mac's Cher, adopted 4/4/14
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    Haven't been on GT in awhile and my heart sunk when I saw Ryan on the banner. I'm so sorry for your loss of your beautiful boy. Run Free Ryan.
  7. I got a package today. It is a little white package from Northcoast Greyhounds (that's what Mom said). She's making me wait until CHRISTMAS to open it!!! Can you believe it?? Hmmph! No Fair!!! She said it's a special gift that needs to wait until Christmas, so I don't ruin it before then! What's really not fair is that when she thought I wasn't looking she PEEKED at it and she knows what it is!!!! Such injustice! But anyway, thank you Aerosmom, Aero, Kanga Roo and Cricket, for the very nice box...... Mimi
  8. Mimi is camera shy, so I have not been able to get a picture of her in this STUNNING collar! But I wanted to say thank you, thank you, thank you! We adopted Mimi on December 11th of last year, so she did not have a Christmas collar. Mimosa had gotten nancyb's gorgeous Christmas Wreaths collar, and I was hoping for a nancyb collar for Mimi! I will post a picture of Mimi in the collar as soon as I can. Thank you again! Here is the collar (green):
  9. I'm sorry. We lost Buckwheat last year at about 12 years of age. He went into heart failure, so he went pretty quickly and we didn't have to deal with the incontinence and lameness issues. He ate breakfast the day he died. But we noticed the gradual decline the last couple of years -- he got more neurotic, possessive, hearing loss, and stiffer in the joints. It just sucks knowing they don't live forever.
  10. Dear SS, I'm sure Mimosa will be happy with whatever is in her stocking, except for coal. She has been a relatively good girl this year. Please ignore the time she got into the bag that contained used cat litter that mom forgot to take to the garbage (ewwww), and the 4329 tissues and paper towels that she tore up this year after she stole them out of the garbage. She is also an equal opportunity stuffie collector, and likes to take hers, as well as DD's stuffies and dismember them. I'll do my best to answer your questions. Is it cold enough at night for Mimosa to wear Pajamas or a coa
  11. I'm so sorry for your loss. It's especially hard when you go thru the same disease again. Run Free, Baby
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    Oh NO! I'm so sorry
  13. touristy stuff is good too! I personally would love to get stuff from DC -- pen, snowglobe, ornament, heck -- even a postcard depicting national monuments or other items from our nation's history would be great! Also, you could see if there are stores that are popular in your area that are not in your recipient's area. For instance, we don't have Tim Horton's coffee here. I've never tried it. It would be great to get a sample....
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