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Milk Thistle

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Missy has been on meloxicam (generic for metacam) she is due for blood work to check liver due to meds. last time everything was normal. Is milk thistle good for liver function? would it be a good idea to give her some since she is on metacam long term. I tried to decrease it and give her DGP instead with little luck. she gets acupuncture as well as supplements. thanks

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My understanding is that milk thistle helps the liver heal. I've never used metacam, but I have not heard of any drug-related interactions in using milk thistle (that's a question for a vet). I have never seen any side effects when I used milk thistle on my Chancy. So the upshot is, with vet's approval, I'd say there's no harm in trying it. :)

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I used Milk Thistle for about 6 weeks when George's ALT was elevated because of a natural supplement my vet told me to try on him--Oooops! So much for herbal being harmless!


I gave it with meals--got it at vitacost.com and it seemed to work! Or perhaps simple stopping the Valerian Root did the trick! But he didn't have any issue with it.


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