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Tremor After Racing

Guest SusanP

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Our 10 year old Zippy loves to race with our 4 year old Spinner. But when she stops racing, her hind end trembles quite badly for awhile after. We've been assuming this is due to her age --less muscle strength than the younger dog.


Is this kind of thing normal in an senior after heavy physical activity, or am I making an assumption about age and weakness that I shouldn't?


She doesn't have this problem at other times.


Does this happen to any of your older hounds?

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Related to muscle strength, not age. If she exercises regularly, you might see some improvement. Then again, she might just be driven to outrun her condition, so to speak.

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I don't think it's related to age either. It's just like us, if we're not used to a rigorous work out, we feel a little shaky after we exercise. I think it's the same for them


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