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Greyhound Food?

Guest packman

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I have a sick hound and he is not eating anything on his own. I have been using Ensure with a syringe forcing to get some type of vitamins and minerals in him.


Does anyone have any tips/tricks with types food and gettng them eat on their own or being force fed? My boy is losing wt and I need to get food in him while he is on Doxy for his infection.


Thanks for the help.


Breeze and family

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Guest houndlover

I am having issues with Billy not eating also and someone had mentioned Nutritional Yeast. I don't know a lot about it but I think that there is a thread in food and dietary about it.


Billy seems to like meat baby food. I checked the ingredients before I gave it to him to make sure that there weren't any onions in it and there weren't. I have been mixing in turkey or chicken baby food with his kibble. He still isn't eating great but he is eating a little.


I know that the Doxy can make them feel sick sometimes too. Hope your boy is feeling better soon. :grouphug

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Edited- nevermind. I didn't see the bit about doxy.


Chicken broth can perk up an appetite. Also raw beef blood; the liquid left over from the bag in which we get beef heart is particularly good and nutritious.

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Try the stinkiest food you can find: Tuna, sardines, TRIPE (buy it at www.sitstay.com) some people have greyt results from nutrional yeast), cat food (make sure you mix it in with the kibble) meat baby foods.


Prayers for your poor baby.



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Guest houndlover

My friend is a vet tech at the vet I use and she brought me some canned I/D tonite and Billy at the whole can! If all else fails you may want to try that but you do have to buy it from the vet and I think it can be pricey (I haven't dared to look at the bill yet! :blink: )

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