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the policy - we don't have one.

But for the most part, they aren't allowed on GT.


Long distance adoptions - you want a dog not local to you, we feel it is your responsibility to get your dog. Many people have done it. If you can't make the trip or find a haul or a flight to get the dog to you, then maybe you need to look to your local group to find a dog.


Groups - sometimes we leave some leeway for group requests, but again, we usually try to close them.




Now for those of you that are going to go into EEG and send me a list of all the open GUR threads.... yeah, I left some open. If I don't see them early on and the planning and filling of legs is already in full swing, I leave them.

So, I guess to be fair to the people that don't post their GUR threads until I'm on the board, I'll close them all.


There is a pinned thread of willing to transport - feel free to use that list and PM people.



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The only issue I have just pm'ing people behind the scenes from the transport list is that I may not be familiar with an area/state and won't know who to contact exactly, someone may not have put their info in the list, someone may be in an area that isn't their home state during the time of transport or perhaps knows of someone in the area that may not be on GT but can help.


I can understand not having individuals asking for GURs, but I think not allowing groups to ask for help is a disservice to the greyhound community. It would be easy enough to require that GUR posts require certain info (that would be verifiable) about the group that is receiving said hound(s) to make sure the requests are legitimate and there is a security blanket in place for the hound(s). Or perhaps only have certain people allowed to post requests for help or have an approval process for posting threads like you do in other forum areas so you can make sure it's on the up and up. I realize it may be more than you care to manage or look after and since I'm throwing out ideas I'll also offer my help.

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Guest loveagrey

I honestly don't understand what the problem is with people arranging Gurs. It's certainly not hurting anyone, and the dogs are benefitting. People obviously enjoy doing it, or they wouldn't offer their time and money.


Can you explain why they're not to be done on here?

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The one I don't understand is the recent request looking to move a broken leg dog from Birmingham to an adoption group that was/is prepared to fix the dog. That thread was closed almost immediately.


Maybe you could explain your thinking about that one?




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Guest ishapespace

Guess seeking GURS will be limited to the other board, guramerica.com


I too, don't understand what it hurts for people and groups to ask for help. Groups advertise their events, fundraisers, auctions, sometimes some available hounds. People always post special dogs they see and group members post about their fosters and other available hounds. This is a place for people to come together, seek advice, share, grow and help. I don't see how any of these things hurt the board. We connect here and connections are how we can help each other. Just like when tracks close and groups need help moving dogs and stuff like that. Some groups are better funded and outfitted than others and yeah you can argue that there are other ways to find help, but this place is where people come to find people like them with the same interests.


I think some restrictions are fine, but there is a limit. This is a board associated with greyhounds, thus rescue, rescue groups, volunteers, etc. come together here and these kinds of things will inevitably come up and it may be the only place they know to go when they need help. I'm not trying to flame or start anything. I just think there are some things that need to be policed away and other things that are just people trying to get help and word out the only way they may know how. First GURS gone, then what? The auctions? Amber Alerts? I don't know. Just food for thought. I'm sure I've just put myself in the spotlight now and all my posts will be watched and I won't get to post my auctions or something, but that's fine. I just want to be able to talk to people about greyhounds and help out whoever I can whenever I can. I was even able to, through a post about a bunch of hounds looking for homes, unite a greytalker with her new hound! How cool is that! Now is it against the rules to post hounds a group has available?


I'm going to stop. Like I said, no arguments here and no offense meant to the moderators. Just word vomit that I am putting out there that was in my head when I read the OP.

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First and foremost, this is a board about retired greyhounds as pets already in homes.


Regardless what I do, I'm not fair.



Restrictions on posting personal GURs is not new. Jeff will close any GUR thread he finds. But personal GURs started to get out of hand. We started having posts for GURs of a couple of hours. That's just plain using people when there is no reason you can't get the dog yourself.

Yes, there are times when a person truly can't get their own dog - even from their local adoption group. And when those are explained to us, we allow those.

But we've seen far too many members of GT being taken advantage of. How many of you have donated money/goods/etc to members of the board for "issues" only to find out later that maybe that "issue" wasn't so much an "issue." Nobody is forcing you to volunteer your time/money/vehicle for GURs, but that isn't the point.

Greytalk's (admin) stance is if you are adopting a dog, that dog is your responsibility. If your dog is 2000 miles away, you make the effort to get your dog. There are groups all over the country to find dogs and a local group is often more than willing to find you a dog.


So unless there are extenuating circumstances, GUR for personal dogs, not allowed.



Group dogs - ongoing debate about this. In an ideal world, dogs go on hauls and end up at groups, all expense paid. I'm pretty sure we all know we don't live in an ideal world.

But we go on the thought that if a group is trying to get a dog to them and there isn't a haul going their way, their first course of action should be to call on their members/volunteers. Exhaust that source first. Can't get the dog to the group with the group base, then we are willing to listen. But the group getting the dog... needs to organize their GUR, not just say we need a dog to get from point A to point B.

We've had tickets submitted about GURs in the past for groups and we've allowed those to be posted.





Unfortunately, GURs aren't a black and white area for the GT admin - there are gray areas and we haven't fully figured out what those areas are yet - that's why we've still not added anything to the thread on what members need to know.



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