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  1. It was a cold day in 2008 travelling across PA with my friend Joanne to pick up a few greyhounds in Altoona, PA. We were originally supposed to only pick up 2 hounds but there was a late addition to the haul and GRR said they would take her as well. She had been in a home previously but was returned through no fault of her own. The only other thing we knew about her was that her name was Pinky and she was called that because she was missing one of her pinky toes. Pinky was the third one off the hauler and a very striking little girl. She had the sweetest face that reminded me of my Pretty
  2. Chris, I'm sorry to hear about Sequoia.
  3. He didn't want you to go anywhere ever again.
  4. I really need t drink more coffee before I get on GT. I thought the thread title said "Simple Tool Storage" and I'm like "Oh I got this..." Yeah, not so much.
  5. All I can say is good luck, I have no practical advice because I was never able to try a treatment with my boy. Hopefully hers isn't very aggressive and can be put into remission for some period. Cody started with a lack of appetite on a Friday. The following Monday he had swollen lymph nodes. At this point I was feeding him whatever he would eat, he was down 7-8lbs. Biopsy on Thursday determined it was lymphoma. Ultrasound on Sat showed it was aggressive - made appt for Tuesday with oncologist. Monday mid morning was when he lost the fight.
  6. snowjay


    I'm sorry to hear about Jet.
  7. Lucy, how heartbreaking. I'm glad I was able to meet Jabari.
  8. Yeah, thats the same message I got earlier in the day. Definitely not part of my netblock! Ahh, ok.
  9. I was denied access earlier in the day saying my IP was banned, however it wasn't my IP that was being displayed. Then probably an hour after that I was getting 503's.
  10. Lucy is it only his neck lymph nodes swollen? I ask because that was all that was swollen at first and then 3 days later the ones in his chest popped up and my regular vet said there was no way the e-vet would of missed those, so it might be something you want to keep looking out for.
  11. I'm sorry to hear this latest update Lucy. I have no advice but having just gone though something similar with Cody I know how helpless you feel.
  12. I taught Cody a few things like "paw", "up" (to jump up to my shoulders) and "kisses", besides the typical sit and lay down. I haven't done much with Pinky but she knows "lay down" along with "what do you do?" (lay down for dinner) and "speak."
  13. This photo cracks me up... "hellooooooooo, I wanna come in now!"
  14. That's some amazing work right there. It's a far cry from the first pictures I saw of his leg with muscle exposed.
  15. Here is the latest update I got a little while ago
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