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  1. It was a cold day in 2008 travelling across PA with my friend Joanne to pick up a few greyhounds in Altoona, PA. We were originally supposed to only pick up 2 hounds but there was a late addition to the haul and GRR said they would take her as well. She had been in a home previously but was returned through no fault of her own. The only other thing we knew about her was that her name was Pinky and she was called that because she was missing one of her pinky toes. Pinky was the third one off the hauler and a very striking little girl. She had the sweetest face that reminded me of my Pretty that passed a couple of years earlier. She was all white with some black ticking on her and very curious about her new surroundings. She walked back and forth across the grassy area in the parking lot several times before finding the perfect spot to pee. Ahhh… We got all the hounds loaded in the truck and headed on the 6+ hour journey back to NY. We were about halfway home when I peeked in the rear view mirror and saw Pinky smiling back at me! Needless to say I was smitten and when we got back to NY I told Christine I would “foster” her. Well as you can guess I failed fostering fast and Cody had himself a new sister. She adored Cody and followed him everywhere and learned about home life – i.e. how comfortable the couch and bed can be! Cody also showed her the finer points of Rehoboth and Dewey Beaches. Pinky was never crazy about walking in the water but certainly loved that sand and could walk forever on it! Pinky was the queen of roaching! Not a day passed that you wouldn’t see her on her back with legs everywhere. She was very playful with her toys and had a few favorites like her blue & pink elephant and her big Scooby. Oh and if you hadn’t guessed already Pinky was a smiler, if she liked you she would show you all of her pearly whites. But don’t let her teeth and rambunctious playfulness fool you, she was a gentle soul and as sweet as could be. She also didn’t get the memo that greyhounds don’t bark, she didn’t bark a lot but if she wanted something she would give you this single gentle “woof”. She and Cody were inseparable so when Cody passed away it was hard on her. She went though a quick bout of separation anxiety but we quickly overcame that and she learned to be queen of the house. We had a great year and spent lots of time together. It was weird going back to Dewey w/o Cody but we had each other and had an enjoyable time with friends, hound and human, despite the weather. It wasn’t long after Dewey that I met someone special who had her own dog, a toy Yorkie named Snooki. Pinky wasn’t quite so sure about her at first, and was a little afraid but after a couple of weeks they really warmed up to each other and could be spotted sharing beds at times and even playing with each other. We won’t speak about the time Pinky actually squeezed into the small dog bed. Unfortunately Pinky’s time with her little sister would be short. She was diagnosed with cancer in mid January and put up a good fight until mid March. Pinky of course had her share of nick names things like Stinky Pinky, Pinky Pop and Pinker Poppers to name a few. Right now I’m missing my gentle girl roaching next to me on the couch. She was special in so many ways and taught me so much, she will always be missed. Good night Pinker, daddy loves you. Pinky & Scooby Luvin' the toys! Mirroring Cody Queen of roaching! Looking dapper in her winter hat! With her little sister. Beautiful as always...
  2. Chris, I'm sorry to hear about Sequoia.
  3. He didn't want you to go anywhere ever again.
  4. I really need t drink more coffee before I get on GT. I thought the thread title said "Simple Tool Storage" and I'm like "Oh I got this..." Yeah, not so much.
  5. All I can say is good luck, I have no practical advice because I was never able to try a treatment with my boy. Hopefully hers isn't very aggressive and can be put into remission for some period. Cody started with a lack of appetite on a Friday. The following Monday he had swollen lymph nodes. At this point I was feeding him whatever he would eat, he was down 7-8lbs. Biopsy on Thursday determined it was lymphoma. Ultrasound on Sat showed it was aggressive - made appt for Tuesday with oncologist. Monday mid morning was when he lost the fight.
  6. snowjay


    I'm sorry to hear about Jet.
  7. Lucy, how heartbreaking. I'm glad I was able to meet Jabari.
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