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Help - Swallowed Whole Bully Stick?!

Guest jenb

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Oh dear, I hope someone can give me some quick advice. My Pixie just swallowed a whole 8" bully stick. Half of it was chewed up pretty much into that rubbery white mass ... but the other half was still hard.


She barely has any teeth, I think she just got frustrated chewing it and swallowed the whole thing. I was supervising her the whole time but it happened in a second.


Do I need to get her to the e-vet, or will this stuff just digest in her stomach????

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Uh oh, that doesn't sound good. I'm not sure if it's an emergency but I would call the e-vet and see what they say. Better safe than sorry.


Good luck!

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Oh boy. The e-vet was very unhelpful, the clinic said "it doesn't sound like what she swallowed would be a problem, but if you're concerned, bring her in so we can take an x-ray". What the heck?? I need to know WHETHER or not I need to be concerned.


Anyone else have experience with this, will it just digest? I'd originally written that it was an 8" chew, it was actually a 6" chew, and half of it was chewed up until gummy. So about 3" was still hard. She is not choking or vomiting, just looking uncomfortable and burping a lot.


Anyone else?

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Guest BlackandBrindle

Don't make her throw up.


Call the evet and see what they say.


I think I'd probably just watch her for signs of distress- panting, pacing, shaking, etc...



They are supposed to be fully digestible, and Spud and Sadie have probably swallowed three or so inches before with no problem.


Don't panic but just look for signs of obstruction. Those probably wouldn't show for a while and I don't think there is anything the vet can do at this point anyway.


Honestly, she'll probably be fine. Just keep an eye on her.

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AFAIK -- and I am NOT a vet -- about all they could do at the vet is wait and see if it digests or passes, and go in after it if it gets stuck somewhere. Usually when my dogs have swallowed unfortunate things, the vets tell me to watch for any signs of distress or blockage, especially over next 48 hours. So, you'd be watching for unproductive attempts to vomit, unproductive attempts to defecate, vomiting accompanied by diarrhea, hard/bloated seeming stomach. Any of those things, I'd get her seen ASAP. And I would be inclined not to leave her alone for long periods of time over the next 48-72.


ETA: Posting at same time as BlackandB, good advice there.

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I agree with Batmom. It's a wait-and-see game for a couple of days.

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Guest ChasesMum

yipes! I have to agree with Batmom, keep a close eye on her, and see how it goes with the option to take her in if you get concerned. How is she today? The evets always play the safety like that. They did start out saying that it didnt sound like it would be a problem.....


My Chase chewed and swallowed a silicone funnel and it took 6 weeks for the last piece to eventually become a problem, but of course that was totally NOT digestable! What made me panic was that she couldnt even keep down water - rushed her to the evet and it had blocked her. $1600 in diagnostics and surgery and she was good as new :rolleyes:

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Hi folks, sorry I hadn't updated earlier.


I took her to the evet late last night, and they said there is really nothing to be done unless she starts to exhibit signs of distress. She has been eating and drinking and acting fine since about 1 a.m. last night. She was panting and pacing at the vet, but that's how she reacts when she's in an unfamiliar environment anyway, so hard to tell if from physical distress or just greyhound nerves.


Unfortunately boyfriend and I both had to go to work today, but he is home right now (lunch) checking on her. She gave us quite a scare!


BEWARE - those bully sticks get gummy and can slide down whole. I will not be giving her the small ones anymore, and I will take them away when they start to get gummy.


Thanks to everyone for your advice - greytalk is a godsend :)

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