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Allergic Reaction To Chemo

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Tonight I had made plans to go flyering, with several other GTers, for the loose dog in Woodstock,CT area. But....


5:45 - Picked up Penny from chemo treatment at Tufts. (She threw up a couple times on the way home, but I thought

she would feel better once she got home.)


6:15 - Got home and immediately noticed her face was quite swollen. Our regular vet was open til 7pm and closer

than going back to Tufts, so I raced down there with her.


6:45 - At the vet, she had hives all over and was throwing up again. They gave her a couple shots- benadryl and a steroid.

They said the swelling would go down soon and gave me some benadryl capsules for her.


7:10 - Got home and explained the situation to DH.


7:15 - Anne Marie (I think it was her) came by with the flyers. Spoke via Jen's cell phone with Michael at the same time.


7:20 - Left for Woodstock


7:45 - Met up with Jen and went flyering.


10:00 - Home. Penny is still a little swollen but seems "herself" once again. Gave her more benadryl. What a day for Penny

and for me!







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It was actually Amber who gave you the flyers. Poor little Penny. I hope she's doing better today.


Thanks! I'm so confused you guys! Penny is better, but the swelling hasn't gone down completely. I have a call in to the vet to see what to do. Her face looks wide, like a pit bull's!

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Poor little girl. Sending my prayers. :grouphug


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Guest HersheysMom

Poor Penny! I'm so glad she's better. When you find out what drug it was if you wouldn't mind letting me know - I know you weren't sure at the time, and I am curious. Hugs to your sweet girl.

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I'm so sorry she had a bad reaction like that! I read on Circle of Grey or LymphomaHeartDogs that she's had that chemo drug before...is that right??? It's odd that she would have a reaction now. Let us know what the doctors at Tufts think about it.


Glad to hear that Penny is doing better. She has enough to deal with! ;)

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