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  1. I was almost speechless when you told me about Soul's passing a few weeks ago. I am SO sorry. Soul was such a great brother to our Tornado. I have fond memories of him, when he came on T's last day (and a video of them together that day, 3 years ago.) RIP Soul.
  2. Thanks all for the input. Deano came home today. We are feeding him boiled chicken and rice for a few days and slowly re-introducing his regular food. But he seems so much better.
  3. Deano, who is 3, started vomiting on Friday and most of it was fresh blood. We brought him to the ER and he was admitted. They put in an IV, did blood work and an ultrasound. So far, most of his blood work is okay. One of his liver tests was off a little, but other liver values were okay. His coagulation time is also a little long. Right now they think it is hemorrhagic gastroenteritis. He will probably come home tomorrow (Sunday). I googled h.g. but it seems like there are lots of possible causes. I'm just wondering if anyone else has experienced this. He has been mostly healthy, except for s
  4. Welcome from central Mass. What a handsome boy!
  5. Our first greyhound, Tornado, had separation anxiety. But it didn't start until he had been with us for about six months. I think it didn't start until he had really bonded with us and truly missed us. Maybe that's what has happened with Spock? Tornado eventually was able to adjust to being alone- we did the alone training, medication and added one day a week of day care.
  6. Deano (aka http://www.greyhound-data.com/d?z=Yyvg-L&d=Dean+Smith&x=0&y=0 Dean Smith) came home about 3 months ago. He will be 3 in September. About two weeks ago, my DH and I started noticing that his coat (especially near his hind end) was coming in "oddly" it is different shades of black or dark brown and some spots are different lengths. We are not sure if he just has an odd coat or if it could be something medical. He is acting, eating, drinking, peeing, etc the same as always. I brush him regularly and that doesn't seem to change anything (he doesn't lose more hair in these sp
  7. I put pumpkin and peanut butter in a cupcake pan- one large spoonful of each and then I freeze it. The dogs love the frozen treats!
  8. The plant is on a "slippy" floor, so that may keep your grey away from it. Congratulations, by the way!
  9. Prayers for you and Neko. You both have been thru so much.
  10. I will post a photo soon. Camera battery just died. I went to take a photo, and you would think I had pulled a gun on him- he freaked out and bolted from the room. I tried giving him a treat (which he loves) and you would think I had offered him poison! I will have to catch him when he doesn't see me with the camera.
  11. He is currently 72 pounds. Here is a photo of Deano. Sorry for the quality, a better camera is on my wish list:
  12. Thanks. Just to clarify, he is getting adult food now. I don't see his spine or hip bones, but I do see his ribs. So I think I will increase his food. Another question, why do you feel it is important to feed equal amounts morning and evening?
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