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Pics Of Dee's Leg

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Dr. Couto is back this week from his speaking engagements so I hope to hear from him soon. I sent him an update because now it looks like Dee's leg is bowing outward more. Thanks to the wonders of technology, I was able to also email him these photos so he'll better understand what I mean when I describe her leg. Whatever did we do before the Internet?


She broke her leg when she was younger and when we got her, you could see a bit of a bow in her leg but it wasn't all that obvious. My dd noticed today that it was much more obvious. This is where the severe arthritis is and the black spot on the x-ray is just below it. Have any of you seen this before?


Here are the pics:






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Guest trevdog

We do have a grey up for adoption whose leg looks just like that. He did have a broken hock that healed much the same way. He was a return, so I'm not sure how old he was when it was broken, but he's about 6 now. Not sure about the dark spot on the xrays though that your Dr has seen.

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There is a little girlie in our group who has a leg that looks like that - it was broken and not properly set (possibly not at all), bows back in just the same way. I don't know what her x-rays look like, tho. I don't think she has a lot of trouble with it - she can rip around at play group just fine. But I know her mom was saying this winter has been a bit rough on her, trying to get through all the snow. She is glucosamine, I know. Hope you hear from Dr. Couto soon.

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I have seen legs like that before also in broken leg dogs that wern't cared for properly at the time of the break. Sending prayers for Dee. :hope

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Guest MnMDogs

Matty also had a broken hock that wasn't set, and her leg looks exactly like that. But I haven't noticed a change in it in the 5 and a half years I've had her. She does favor it, and puts much less pressure on it than the other legs when at rest. I hope that it's simply arthritis in Dee, as it is in Matty.

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Sending more prayers for Dee. I also hope you hear from Dr. Couto soon. :grouphug


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