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  1. mareyeka


    This is such a shock. I am so sorry Glenn.
  2. mareyeka


    I just saw this. I'm so very sorry. Man it hurts when this happens.
  3. mareyeka

    Keena Macbride

    Oh no. I'm so very, very sorry. I have no other words to offer. I'm so sorry.
  4. oh no.... I don't do puppies!! I get all my dogs as adults, thank you very much. I adore puppies, as long as they're someone else's!!! (gorgeous pup though. Absolutely swooning, gorgeous, lovely, puppy breath, pups)
  5. Yes, it can work that quickly. It's as if you took an anti-inflammatory, it has the same effect.
  6. What an awful, yet wonderful story. Awful that this ever happened, wonderful that the pups (and Dad) were taken in. How sad.
  7. oh no, not another one. I'm so very sorry.
  8. Aw, what a sweetie. I'm sorry.
  9. Oh no.. so much sadness these days. I'm so sorry.
  10. Tilt was Oscar's buddy so I'm sure Oscar is there waiting for him. And Dee will be there mothering Tilt until he feels comfortable. I'm so sorry Tina. Tilt was such a doll, such a sweetie. I'm so sorry.
  11. Ok, now I'm ready to write what happened. As you know, I've been posting that Dee didn't seem right. Her pain was bothering her more and more. the cartrophen did magic things for her, but only for two weeks. Then, we saw that she was really looking miserable. She did have times when she was bright, but she spent more time with a dull look in her eyes than not. She wasn't eating her food, although she still eat treats - nothing could get her to stop eating her treats. She even managed to get into the trash again on Monday. I tell you, I should patent and mark those M&M meatball boxes as a garbage can security feature. Yesterday, my youngest son was home all day and he said that she never moved once from her bed, except the one time he coaxed her to go outside. When I got hom, she hardly acknowledged me. She looked up, but didn't even try to move, let alone give me my welcome home happy dance. When I did get her to stand up, I couldn't get over how much hair fell off her if you just touched her. If you pinched a bit of hair, it just slid out of her skin and stayed in your hand. We were getting her to the vet - she looked very happy when she saw the leash, but made very little effort to get into the collar or to go outside. Usually, she's jumping around so hard, I can't catch her to put the collar on her. She coudln't get in the car at all, we had to lift her. She didn't do her most favourite thing in the world, sticking her head out of the window, until she could figure out how to do it while leaning against the back of the seat. We got to the vet, she didn't sniff around like she always does, and then she began to collapse. She died in my arms. Her heart just stopped beating. I have her pearl necklace, the "BRAT" one on my cabinet. For Rox, I have a pretty wall hanging I made when he died. For Oscar, I have that lovely figurine that looks exactly like him, which I bought in North Carolina, now I need something to go with Dee's pearls. I'll have to find something. It took forever for Oscar to send me a sign - it was only when I found that figurine 6 weeks after he died that I knew he was ok. I don't know what to look for for Dee or even if she will send one. I feel like she wasn't with us long enough. Dee came to live with us on November 11, 2007 - Remembrance Day. She stayed with us for 9 months and 17 days. Not nearly long enough.
  12. I'm so sorry. I hope Emmy and Dee are there for each other as they cross together. At least they're not alone, so many who went before them are there for them.
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