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2nd Seizure In A Month

Guest lotsogreysmom

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Guest lotsogreysmom

Our boy Dallas had a grand mal seizure on 11/14 that lasted 2 mins and then had another one that lasted for 2 mins last night (12/13). What now?? I have a call into our vet but wanted to see if any of your have experience/suggestions? I do have him scheduled for bloodwork on Monday also.


A little background on Dallas....he is our grey that has the head shrinking problem. He has neurological issues as a result of the head shrinking and he has a constant limp....can't walk on his back leg. Would meds even help with a problem like his? We do not want to lose our boy....he is only 4 yrs old!! Any suggestions?

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I'm so sorry you and Dallas are having to go through this. :( I had a cat who developed GM seizures, it is horrible to witness. I don't have any insight to offer you, but I'm sure others will. I just want you to know I'm praying you get some answers and a treatment plan. I do know there are many dogs with seizures doing very well with medication.


Please keep us updated.

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I would think that it would be well worth trying medications to see if they can help with the seizures. You are very right, though--the first step is a vet visit and a really good physical. With Dallas' known neurological problems being the most likely cause of his seizures, you might want to get a neurologist involved. You may have done that already but, if not, www.acvim.org is a site that you can use to find neurologists in your area.


Seizures are rather terrifying and the goal is to minimize the number of seizures that occur. Having said that, many dogs continue to have some seizures even when taking medications. Often meds can help but it is common for some seizure activity to occur even with meds. The fact that Dallas is having only single seizures rather than clusters of several seizures is good news. The fact that they last a couple of minutes--a pretty standard length--is good news. Having a couple of weeks between seizures is not too bad. One goal to shoot for might be no more than one a month.


Here are the best web sites on seizures--and their many causes and treatments--that I have found:





Keep us posted because we'll be thinking of you and Dallas.


Lucy and Piper (13 days seizure free)

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Lucy with Greyhound Nate and OSH Tinker. With loving memories of MoMo (FTH Chyna Moon), Spirit, Miles the slinky kitty (OSH), Piper "The Perfect" (Oneco Chaplin), Winston, Yoda, Hector, and Claire.

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Seizure people will have to jump in here, but I wonder if having some valium on hand to pull him out of the seizure would be better than putting him on daily meds if he is only having one or two a month. Of course, if they become more frequent it is a different issue.


Also, above recommendation for a neurologist is a very good one. Because of the other issue, you really need to know where the seizures are coming from if possible. Was a TBD panel done including a PCR for e ewingii?


Sending prayers!

Diane & The Senior Gang

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Guest EmilyAnne

I dont have experience with the head shrinking issue, but I do have some experience with epi-dogs. (dogs with epilepsy)


There's two options basically, sit back and see what pattern of seizures unfold, or, hurry up and get started on the seizure meds, because they do take awhile (a few months) before they reach their full effectiveness.


I have seen Henry have a seizure that lasted only three minutes but gee whiz it was a doozy! Henry is my second epi-dog. Our last epi dog had seizures on a monthly basis and it was not a big deal. His were long but very mild. Henry's are short and very severe, much more damaging than long mild ones our last epi=dog had.


I have noticed that rear leg weakness seems strongest in dogs who are on both pheno and Kbr. This is just a personal observation, and may not be true for everyone. I thought I would mention that as your dog has a rear leg problem. Henry's rear leg weakness is not as bad now as when we first added Kbr to pheno in October, and he continues to do better. As the medicine becomes more effective, it seems the side effects become less strong.

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The seizures are likely a result of the other things going on with him. Seizure meds may help. I don't think Valium is worth it if his seizures are only 2 minutes. That's not dangerous and by the time you get the valium and are ready to administer... seizure is over.

I don't consider 1 seizure a month to be well controlled seizures. If that's down from 1 every week, that's good progress, but if you are standing at 1 a month, I would consider meds. But before meds, I'd consult with a neurologist to get their opinion.


Talk with your vet and consider consulting with a neurologist.

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Guest sweetgsmom

AIdan is a siezure dog with gm siezures. We started with our vet, then progressed to Critical Care, then found a Vetrinary Neurologist who has helped sooo much, she is now on Phena and Potassium Bromide, but both these meds take at least a month or two to work.

I would suggest you have tests run to see what is causing them, even then you may never know Aidan has Idiopathic Epilepsy meaning they can't find a reason for them. I think before you try home medications take him to a Vet. Also the worst time for the dog is after the siezure this is when they get disoriented and could hurt themselves

There are a lot of people on this board that have more experience than me I'm sure they will post and give you more info.

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