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It's A Gas Miracle!

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Truly, a miracle! :colgate


Dee's gas problem is the worst I've ever experienced. Holy moly - and as a nurse, I have smelled BAD stuff. It was at the point that it wasn't funny any more.


Out of desperation, I went to a natural food place around the corner from me and I bought a bottle of Gaz Away caplets. It's distributed by Swiss Herbal Remedies Ltd. I gave her some last night before supper - had to figure out a way to trick her into taking them because they work best on an empty stomach, a challenge in itself.


Anyway, through the evening, we still had a few mega farts but last night, over night, NOTHING! Not one slightest tiny little toot. Nothing, nada, rien. Woohoo!


I gave her two caps this morning and I think starting tomorrow, I'll try giving one cap in the morning and one at supper time. That would let the bottle last a month - 60 caps for 11 dollars. I can handle that.



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That's a good hint to know. We've had some pretty powerful hounds in our house to the point where we have air fresheners in every room. I'm glad it's working wonders for Dee.


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Guest shelbygirl07

Shelby's gas problems went away when i switched her to W/D. She can toot all she wants now but there is no odor. Thank god!!!!!! talk about room clearing!!!

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Guest Shelby_Dog

Oh..maybe my Shelby needs some of that! This is my first greyhound and I feel like I am constantly walking around the house looking for the pile of poop. I then realize it is just Shelby tooting...AGAIN

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Guest widowcali

When I first got Cali I actually called the rescue group to ask if there was something wrong with her. She woke me out of sound sleeps and I would go running thru the aparment looking for whatever died. By the time I got Widow I was pretty used to it. Now I get, maybe, one gas attack a week. And they really don't smell that bad. I switched them to Wellness Trout and Sweet Potatoe. Their poo's, on the other hand, are some lethal business. And for the past couple of days Cali has had liquid poo attacks. I think they got into something though.

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