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  1. I'm in for Card Exchange! After this dreadful year, it will be nice to have all the beautiful GTer cards up on my wall.
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    Lexie was The Costume Queen. Run free sweet girl. My heart is breaking for your loss.
  3. Thank you, I saw this, but don't see the recipe - which is why I asked. I just saw this: Would like to know where the"here" is. Not tying to be difficult, just asking for advice as I am very concerned about my boy and want to do the best for him. Here's what I'm doing. Half her food is the Hill's kidney diet kibble. The other half is the homemade recipe I got from here. But what I've changed is I use a dozen eggs for the protein source in the recipe. In place of beef or chicken. She also gets extra eggs for breakfast twice a week. My regular vet and the specialist both said eggs had the best protein for kidney dogs.
  4. Well I cant find it, maybe a point in the right direction? And EllenEveBaz, thank you for the link - that should help me in my quest,
  5. Last October Toley suddenly stopped eating and ran a very high fever (106+). He went to Blue Pearl, spent 3 nights, numerous tests, scans, IVs, and was diagnosed with a bad kidney infection. 5 weeksof antibiotics, and he seemed fine. Within a week of stopping antibiotics, the same thing happened- back in hospital for 2 nights, this time 10 weeks on antibiotics, and prednisone. He has been good since, and was slowly weaned from the pred. He has had follow up blood and urine tests, and he now has protein in the urine. The specialty vet wants him on 2 medications, and to be on kidney food - which is really expensive! (I have spent over$6000 on his kidney care already!) I have ordered 1 bag from Chewy,com, but was wondering about a homecooked kidney diet in addition, to make this a bit more affordable. Any suggestions or recipies?
  6. I don't want to alarm you, but with our Opie (5 years ago) he had a rib lump, and yes, it did continue to grow. It was cancerous, and he went downhill in 2 months. I am hoping you have a better outcome than we did.
  7. I know, my thoughts too. Haven't talked to her today, she had gone to the doctor, and well, I have a life and was very busy today. Will chat with her over the weekend and see what is happening. I would take the dog in heartbeat if she was closer to me.
  8. OK, today's update on this. Dog ate today, as she fed it in their bedroom. Yay! This not eating also coincided with the stepkids coming for the summer this past weekend. So she feels (and I agree) that this could be from stress. Having 3 kids around would stress me out! I told her she still needed to take the dog in, and I told her straight out that maybe this is all too much for her right now, and that I intended to be the advocate for the dog, and ask her questions every day about the dog. She had actually thought about contacting the adoption person, (who is also a vet) but she is out of town this weekend. She, as of now, is intending to take the dog in on Monday, if there is no improvement. But the fact that she ate, in a quite place, is a good sign. Believe me I will be all over her about this. She plans on having their bedroom be the dog's safe spot, away from all the kids. I do believe her heart is in the right place, but that she is just overwhelmed, and very pregnant, and perhaps not thinking clearly. Anyways, at least its promising news
  9. Yes and yes. I do know the group. I may contact her one more time right now, and then say this is what you NEED to do for that poor animal, and if you don't I will.
  10. Not to defend her, but she is overwhelmed, and should have given up the dog long ago, probably when the other one was given up. I would take her in a heatbeat, but unfortunately don't live anywhere near there. Yes, you need to think of the dog long and hard before adopting one. Life situations change, and how will you deal with it? I agree with post above - so many groups put the A#1 consideration being a fenced yard. This person had a fenced yard. There are SO many other things to consider in a potential adopter - yes, financial, maturity (both mentally and in years), experience, etc. I am leaning toward contacting the person/group, as I do know who it is.
  11. I'll try to make this brief and to the point. I have a FB friend (NOT on this board, although I think the FB version), who became my friend because her hound and mine were siblings. She was single at the time. She then moved in with her BF, and they got a 2nd greyhound. Hound #1, my Opie's brother, passed away, brain tumor at age 9.(My Opie passed about 8 months later from a rib tumor). Shortly after that she got another greyhound, Hound #3, a broodie. She became pregnant, had a baby, and Hound #2 did not like this baby (or any young children, it seemed). Hound #3 was fine with baby, being a broodie. Many traumas in this friends life, fire in house, having to move a few times, and last time was told after they signed a lease that oh, it was only one dog that was allowed, so one would have to go or they couldn't move in. So Hound #2, who did not like children, was the one returned to the adoption person, and rehomed. Friend is now pregnant with child #2 due in a few months, and has stepchildren for the summer, plus cats and birds. What is my dilema? Well I get a text yesterday that remaining hound #3, broodie, has not eaten in 3 days, is hiding in bedroom (admittedly doesn't like all extra stepchildren in house - maybe because she is sick???!!!) has cataracts, and so maybe they will have to put her down. And in her most expert opinion, is acting like Hound #1 before he passed - not eating and hiding. Of course I said what did a vet say - and it was oh, haven't been to a vet, dont have money, have to wait til Friday til BF who is now DH gets paid. Huh? 3 days not eating, drinking a bit, but waiting to go to a vet. I suggested that if she could not take care of hound, that she should return to adoption person/group. That if she waits this out, hound may die. No answer back. So what the hell do I do? I am nowhere near this person (thousands of miles apart). I feel like while she is waiting and taking care of kids and stepkids, this dog will die. And then it will be = well see, I knew she was acting like hound #1 before he died I am just sick over this - this dog may have a very treatable problem, but is not being taken to a vet. Or it might be something serious. But dammit, take it to a vet!!! And I don't see that there is anything I can do. Sometimes things just suck.
  12. This is really great news. Hope the rest of her recovery goes just as smoothly!
  13. Our Opie did this, and he was 95 lbs. We had to work with him ALL the time, and anticipate when we would run into people that he was "thinking' of jumping. We said NO JUMP, he learned what we meant, and he got lots of praise for not jumping. He used to do this to us too when we came home from work, jumping and slamming me into the wall! We also redirected his enthusiasm with throwing a toy, and eventually that's what he would would when we got home. I agree, I was very concerned that he would accidentally hurt someone in his enthusiasm to say hello, so its something you need to work on all the time. Avoiding people is not the answer.
  14. We muzzle Toley. Now that he is comfortable, he finds all sorts of things to chew - pine cones, plastic (anything plastic!), toys that aren't his. He wears his muzzle 4-8 hrs a day, no more. When we are home, we supervise him. Its just when we are at work, or out for an evening.
  15. Yes, a lot of 2 steps forward, 1 step back. We also had 2 greys that did not like crating. Destroyed the crates and injured themselves. Opie was pretty much good from day one when we ditched the crate. Toley took a bit longer. With Toley, I bought some calming cookies (at petco), and used a thundershirt. And I sang a song to him when I left, and came home. (yeah, silly, but it seemed to help!) The thundershirt seemed to make the biggest difference though. Good for thunderstorms and separation anxiety. I recommend them highly. Also, we still muzzle him when we leave, as he chews things - plastic bags, wood, pinecones, etc.
  16. You did what was best for him, even thought it hurts. So very sorry.
  17. Toley has started a chewing habit too - (in our home 1 year now, VERY comfortable!). He has decided that pinecones - the cinnamon scented one I bought around the holidays - are nice toys and he chews them up and spits it pieces everywhere. He has now started taking the compressed wood pieces we use in the wood stove. Have no idea what this sudden interest in chewing is about!
  18. Toley loves sardines. He gets some every morning for breakfast. A tin lasts maybe 4 days.
  19. Toley has a piece every day. Our grocery store sells them cut up, so he gets a piece. LOVES them. Our last boy, Opie, also loved them.
  20. Our Opie about 4 years ago, ate a turkey carcass on Thanksgiving. He had never been a garbage hound at all, so we didn't even think about it. We gave him lots of bread. He had diarrhea for about 3 days, but otherwise was fine.
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