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First Aid Kits For Greys

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Guest MomofSweetPotatoes

Well, I made my own first aid kit. Here goes:



On a card, taped to the inside lid of your kit note the following:

-Your Name, Address, Phone number, your dogs names and any information about medications they take, any allergies or significant medical conditions they have. Name, Address and Phone number of your vet and emergency vet

Place another card inside the kit listing safe dosages of: Benadryl®, aspirin, H2O2 to induce vomiting, Pepto Bismol®, Kaopectate® , Immodium® (Consult your veterinarian for correct dosages)


Other items to put in your kit:

Cotton gauze bandage wrap - 1.5 inch width, 3 inch width

Vet Wrap - 2 inch width, and 4 inch width

Ace bandage

First aid tape

Cotton gauze pads

Regular adhesive strips

Triangle bandages

Roll of Non-Sterile Cotton

Instant ice pack

Emergency sheet

Cotton Swabs

"Quick Stop" powder or styptic to stop bleeding (Flour can also be used for small cuts to stop bleeding)


Ascriptin® (buffered aspirin)

Pepto Bismol ® tablets

New Skin® liquid bandage

Iodine solution 10%

Oral syringes (for administering liquid oral medicines, getting ear drying solution nto ears, etc...very useful!)

Safety pins in several sizes


Small blunt end scissors

Thermometer (get one made specifically for dogs)

Antibiotic ointment (such as Bacitracin® , Betadine®, or others)

Eye rinsing solution (simple mild eye wash)

Small bottle of 3% hydrogen peroxide

Small bottle of isopropyl alcohol (rubbing) alcohol or antiseptic wipes (in small individual packets)

Small jar of petroleum jelly

Epsom Salts

Ear Cleaning Solution

Specific medications YOUR dog may need (for allergies, seizures, etc.)

Keep copies of your pet's records with the kit. Label all medications. Go through your kit once yearly and replace any expired items.


I've also recently added heat packs and nylon stockings (for ear injuries)

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I find the 1/2" waterproof tape to be one of the most useful items to keep around. The stuff sticks very well. I also find that kid's socks are a great item to have handy for the inevitable paw injuries.


Nonstick pads, and a pair of scissors with which to cut it to size, are also handy.

Coco (Maze Cocodrillo)

Minerva (Kid's Snipper)

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We travel a lot so I was curious if they made a specific greyhound first aid kit? If not, what types of things should I include if I make my own? Thanks

what is emt gel??????? ty


Collagen hydrolysate gel.




If you don't have any, get it before you need it.

Coco (Maze Cocodrillo)

Minerva (Kid's Snipper)

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Guest Greyhound_Mom

We travel quite a bit, as well so I've made the girls First Aid Kit up in a gym bag. It's easy to store at home and easy to "Grab-n-Go". The American Red Cross, "Pet First Aid" book has a very good list of what to include in a First Aid Kit (I will be adding several of the items the previous poster suggested). The Red Cross also suggests plenty of ID on our guys when traveling. My girls travel w/ their "working Martingale" collar which has one set of ID tags attached; their kennel collar which has a slider ID tag; most GH's are tattooed; and I’m seriously thinking about “chipping” them. We are in a tornado prone area and I’m also looking into medical wrist bands…just in case…when we’re under a Tornado Warning. In watching the terrible disaster in California, :crying I noted that at one shelter when the horses were brought in, duct tape was put around the horse’s neck and all pertinent information was noted on the tape with a felt tipped marker. Not that I’m suggesting duct tape be put around our GH’s necks but just thought it a really good idea. :paw

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is that like neosporin for dogs?


There's no intrinsic antimicrobial properties conferred in the use of EMT gel. It dries to form a kind of shell over the wound, allowing it to be exposed and, therefore, "breathe" more than if it were covered under a nonstick pad, tape, VetWrap, and then more tape.


The tube stuff doesn't seem to deter licking. Some say the spray stuff is the one with Bitrex, which makes it unpalatable. Some greys are tenacious when it comes to minding their own wounds- with their tongue. Others are more readily deterred. The former group can make wound healing very difficult, particularly when taking into account the thin skin of greyhounds.

Coco (Maze Cocodrillo)

Minerva (Kid's Snipper)

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Guest TriciasZoo

Thanks Pam. I really need one too and am placing an order tonight!! :) GREYT idea! And getting the EMT gel.



Trish and the Zoo

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