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Frontline Flea Stuff On Fur


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Have just treated the boys with frontline- spot on stuff for the first time and tried very hard to get it on the skin but seems like most of it soaked into the fur, so what do i do with it? :unsure Do i just brush the fur/ wipe with wet cloth? I treated them between shoulder blades so he hopefully can't reach it himself, but have 2 so the other might lick that spot

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Just leave it alone.



You want to leave it until it gets absorbed or comes off naturally. I've never had another dog lick the frontline off another, but watch them when you are aroundif you are worried about it.

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Ditto the above. If you're worried about the furniture, put a tee shirt on them & tie it above their backs to take up the slack. But it shouldn't bother anything or leave stains.

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What they all said. I drape a blankie over my parents' sofa for a couple days after their whippet gets his. It usually absorbs within 1-3 days. Won't kill him if he licks some of it.

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:) ahh Thanks , the vet nurse warned me they may try to lick it so i muzzled them both till it had dried. Just wasn't sure if the dried stuff on the fur would be harmful or not. Thinking about it their very unlikely to lick each other in that spot anyway.
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I've used it for years & I've never had any of them try to lick it off the other one. Even when I used it on my elkhounds & my cats.


Same here, but then mine wouldn't lick each other unless they were slathered in gravy.

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