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Bodie Is Continuing To Improve!

Guest Bodie

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Today's report from OSU said Bodie continues to improve. He walked without a sling for the first this morning and he has been placed in a run instead of a crate. He is eating and drinking. He is still in intensive care to monitor him for seepage, but the vet THINKS he might be able to come home Monday if he doesn't have any setbacks.


So my daughter and I intend to travel to Ohio on Monday to pick him up. I am borrowing my father's minivan and I am going to line the back with plastic to forestall accidents and then pile beds inside followed by washable quilts on top. He will have more room to get up and move around without banging into anything in the van.


I'm going to ask OSU to give him something to sedate him for the ride home, if they think that is a good idea. I am nervous about bringing him home because it is a seven hour trip. Any tips that you can think of to help make him (or me!) more comfortable for the ride home would be appreciated. Making the trip in two days in not possible due to my daughter's work schedule - she only has off Monday. In fact I'm not quite sure what I will do if he can't come home Monday as I will have to go to Ohio by myself to pick him up. Lew is at mandatory business meetings in Wilmington, DE for the week and my daughters' bosses don't like to give last minute time off. Maybe I'll ask OSU if I can borrow a sling, if need be, to help get him in and out of the van for potty breaks.


So keep those white lights coming that Bodie will continue to improve and we can pick him up Monday and give him a comfortable ride home. I can't wait until he gets home - I miss him so much!



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Guest LolasMom

He might be so relieved to see you and your daughter that he might just sleep (with lots stritches and lovin') all the way home :kiss2 . I'm sure the medical staff can help you with any more thoughts on how to make the trip easiest for him. I'm so glad to hear how well he's doing. Keep getting better Bodie! Lots more prayers and well wishes coming your way.

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It is amazing how resilient these hounds are. I brought Jac-foo home about 1 hour after her surgery. She was still pretty out of it. But was glad to be with "family". She also bruised bad. Good luck. I often think when it comes to the kids and the hounds, sometime when we don't know any better things tend to go well! :lol:bighug (and she went after her first bunny about 12 hours post-op. Something she had not been able to do with the "stick" of a leg sticking straight out before!)

Sheila and CO

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