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Hulling Corns

Guest MySkye

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Guest MySkye

I feel like this a very dumb question, but Inferno needs to have some corns hulled out, finally got to this stage after trying everything else AND he hates to have his feet touched, maybe because they hurt right now, but will he need to be knocked out or just a local for his feet?


This may rank up there as the all time "dumb questions", but so be it.


Mulitple feet and multiple corns-price range too?




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Guest WhenIGiveIn

I dont believe the dog is sedated at all. Im not sure on that I have never had to have it done. Im sure there are plenty people on here that can give you an idea.

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You will not need any anesthesia for a corn hulling. The vet can do it while they are standing no anesthetic.


If your vet is willing to learn here is the technique.

corn article


Good luck

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Depends on the dog. Mahogany goes in for her $90 pedicure next Tuesday :rolleyes: She screams and panics when her feet are touched. So they sedate her to do nails and corns. The nails can be done without (she yodels at the top of her lungs but they are quick!)


Mizzy: I've been picking her corns off at home. I used to do Rob Roys myself.


Price also depends on the vet. I know Marilyn gets corns lasered for $40. That is a great price....

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I bought a dental elevator tool and have trying to get mutt girl Pudge used to me handling her foot before I go for the corn.

Is the dental elevator supposed to have a sharp edge to it? This one doesn't. I can poke my thumb with it and it doesn't break the skin.


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