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Chella 1991-2006


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From GH-L


I thought someone else would of posted this by now. Since I haven't seen it, I will


Hello Friends -

Most of you don't know me but a few from back in the 'old days' might

still be around. I seldom post a

message but wanted to break that pattern for this.

On Jan. 21, 2006 at approximately 0745 Chella passed away quietly at

home on her bed after a fitful night. Heart failure and old age caught up

with her. She was 14 years and 3 months.. and had done so well for so long

that I forgot how old she had become. We celebrated her 14th birthday at

Dewey last year and I was already thinking we'd be marking her 15th this year.

Losing our hounds is a part of life when we make the commitment to jump

into this crazy world of greyhounds and all that it encompasses. While each

is special to us all, let me tell you why Chella was special to me.

To begin with, she was my first greyhound... gotcha date 4/2/94. The

list wasn't born when I first inquired about greyhounds. However,

rec.pets.dogs was out there in the news groups. It's how I found out about

greyhounds . Thank you to Praveen and Sharon. I 'met" Pat Tyson and Martha

Sherman in that group...we met in person May of '95... after that we

thought it might be fun to get together with our dogs at the beach.

Sounding like a familiar story? More important is the fact that it is

because of Chella that I sent that message out in June of '95 asking "Is

anyone interested in coming to the beach for the weekend with their dogs?"

If not for Chella I'd have not met Pat, Martha and eventually so many

incredible people! Chella was my inspiration for anything I have ever done

related to greyhounds including adopting 5 more. She was the perfect dog

and to me a classic racing greyhound in looks. White and fawn with a black

mask that had long since turned white. She had that sleek look, a nice tuck

and just pranced when she walked. She ran hard as she did laps in the yard.

It used to scare me to watch her. She did this up until only a couple years

ago. Chella was top dog in this house and never hesitated to let any of the

male wannabe's know it. She was fed first, given treats first and the only

one allowed to curl up in the wing chair! She left this world as she came

into my life, with grace and elegance looking as beautiful as ever. Chella

became the most special dog to Mike and I because she was our first and for

what she came to stand for...the inspiration for Greyhounds Reach the Beach

and a founding Dewey Dog!

A Special Dog has passed..

AA Chela 1991-2006




FYI: Chella wasn't my GH, I'm just posting this, I thought it would be of interest.

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Run free to that beautiful Dewey at the Bridge sweetheart. My deepest sympathy. :f_pink


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