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  1. chris, check your messages, or Sue Wescott on FB.
  2. As a cancer survivor (6 years so far) this hits so close to home. Peace for Barb and strength for her family and friends. Lurker Sue #2
  3. I'm so very sorry . I do believe we will meet again our loved hounds. Peace. Sue
  4. I'm so very sorry for your loss. Poodle was so special to you and the hundreds of friends here on GT. Even though most of us are far away we are real true friends who care very much about you. I care. Much love, Sue.
  5. Any generic form of Benadryl (diphenhydramine). Tablets are 25 mg and you can give one or two. Sue
  6. I remember Asta because I met her a few times when Pam was sitting for you. She told me about her passing and I was saddened by the news. I'm so glad that you made this page for her. Pam's mom Sue
  7. My beautiful grandgreys: Comet, SS John, and Last Light
  8. Well, late as usual. I just moved my computer and desk and couldn't find all my bits of paper!!! These are my grandgreys up in Wash.: Lucy (DRs Lucille) 10/91 F blue brindle Last raced in Idaho at The Bridge: John (SSJohn) 3/89 - 8/01 M blue brindle retired at 5yrs in Idaho Light (Last Light) 4/91 - 8/01 F blue brindle Idaho Comet (?) ?/93 - 11/99 M blue brindle Idaho And,yes, they really are all blue brindles. They made quite a sight when they were all together. I miss being with them.
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