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  1. Sending good thoughts to you and your boy.
  2. I see a lot of positive recommendations for Musher’s Secret, but both of my current dogs literally bolt when they get a sniff (a pine-like scent) of that stuff. They HATE it. My Heart Girl at the Bridge wanted to eat it and “tolerated” it on her feet. I guess some dogs might like it just fine. Tender Paw has also been recommended to me. It’s pH balanced for dogs and contains vitamins for healing. But every single dog I’ve ever had loathes the smell (lemon). I don’t understand why they have to add fragrances to these sort of products.
  3. Just an update to my posts: It took us a week to to resolve my girl’s post rabies vaccination diarrhea, and another few weeks to get really decent stool, but she’s back on her regular pro plan kibble 40% of which is the new formula with probiotics and she’s doing great on the food.
  4. hi everyone, I have been feeding this food to my dog with severe IBD for probably 7 years ( with fresh venison and other healthy additions), and I was recently caught off guard when I received a new bag and the formula had changed. Even the Hills website doesn’t mention that the formula would be changing. And neither did Chewy, which is usually quite good about that. There are enough small changes that it may require a thoughtful transition for a sensitive dog, so I figured I’d mention it here in case anyone else uses this food.
  5. Thanks for the replies. Looks like I have to reconsider and likely ditch the Pro Plan we have been using for now, as my dog who eats it has been put on a vet diet for serious GI problems status post rabies vaccination. She was PERFECT before the vaccine.
  6. For those of you who have started feeding a new Pro Plan kibble formula with probiotics, has anyone had issues? I’m planning on a slow transition regardless, I’m just wondering .... . Thanks
  7. Oh god, I am so sorry. That’s just devastating.
  8. In addition to a good exam and whatever other assessments your vet recommends, I’d also ask the vet specifically about a full thyroid panel. Sometimes sudden aggression is linked to hypothyroid.
  9. I’d like to think that these sorts of supplements help, and I am wishful enough to possibly use them again in the future, but I just haven’t seen results in any of my dogs. my vet says, “probably won’t hurt, but might not help, either”
  10. A rubbery soft plastic horse curry comb. Soft on skin but effective.
  11. Maybe that’s why they’re called “grey” hounds 🤪 ...
  12. Borborygmi! My IBD dog gets like this when his IBD is bothering him. Squelches, inappetence, nausea, obsessive grass eating, vomit, and usually stool issues a little later. It was SUPER bad before we got him diagnosed and on IBD meds.
  13. Hi Bizzibee- What’s going on with your dog? Edit: sorry, I just saw in another thread that your dog had no “GI symptoms” but had weight loss, low folate, and low cobalamin, and that you had started a hydrolyzed diet last month, which caused worsening of stool. Have you done any further testing or have you tried anything else?
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