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  1. We had the same leaking issues with both of our recent greys. After seeing specialists, testing, etc... DES was the only thing to stop the leaking. We get it by mail order thru APS Pharmacy in FL. I hope Macie feels better and you get solutions.
  2. I just wanted to thank everyone for all your help and advice, I wish I had better news. Our vet got down on the floor and was examining Pixie and saying heart sounds good, she wasn’t saying anything that alarmed me. I was telling her about my posting on GT, about what meals I had been giving her, about her bark changing. I had brought in a stool sample and also told her Pixie felt warm to me that morning, so check if she has a fever. She asks if she can do an x-ray and they went down the hall. She said there was a football size mass on the x-ray and I think my mind went blank at
  3. I am hoping you’re right about just normal typical senior behavior! I think you’re right about the sense of smell, just offered her little piece of regular chicken and she smelled and went on her merry way. Then put three chicken treats on her bed and she ate them. Breakfast seems to be the meal she’s always had issues with! Now it’s getting to be both meals, but have been successful so far getting her to eat her dinner (it’s exhausting though!). Today and yesterday I noticed she gags like she going to throw up, but nothing comes out... possibly just sick to her stomach because she’s hung
  4. I’m not sure, at first just noticed a couple ribs were more pronounced. This has just been in the last couple of weeks, but she feels bonier, even the top of her head when I pet her. Tomorrow before the vet, I am going to have my husband get on the scale and then get back on the scale while holding Pixie. I want to compare our scale to the vets so I can keep better track of her weight when she gets home (hope I can get some weight back on her). I don’t want to know until tomorrow how much she weighs, I am really stressing about the visit. I am a worrier normally, just always think the wor
  5. Your post gave me comfort, kind of describes Pixie to a T! We put her food on a small raised stool in our bedroom and she will stand to eat a bit, but then goes back to lay on her bed. I can usually get her to finish, will put her food bowl on a pad and she will eat while on the bed. Sometimes she will eat out of my hand. Sometimes (usually breakfast) she doesn’t get up to eat at all, but will lay there and let out barks. I will let one of the dogs in and she hops up like a fireman and runs over to her stool and eats. She’s a pistol, the only dog I know who turns her nose up at cheese!
  6. Hello, Our grey Pixie is almost 12.5 years old (will be 13 October 15th). Shes always been on the small side, but it appears she is losing more weight that she should. I noticed that one or two of her bottom ribs seemed more pronounced and just thought she is losing a little weight because shes 12 now. At the end of January she and one of our other dogs got into a squabble while out on a potty break which Necessitated a middle of the night trip to the ER for Pixie. The vet there wanted to send her home with meds and asked if she could check her bloodwork before prescribing. I men
  7. Ava had a tumor on her spine and the prognosis wasn't good. I couldn't put her through any more pain. She and I were on a couch and she passed away in my arms. My heart is shattered, I can't believe she's gone so soon. Thank you for all your help.
  8. -------------------------- I am hoping tomorrow that our vet will call the emergency clinic and see what she can do, possibly send us there for an MRI. Her spine has been becoming more pronounced (visible) over time, it wasn't sudden, so could that be a sign of something? She has lost weight over the last year although she has a really healthy appetite. She had a really serious UTI that she was hospitalized for a couple of nights a few months ago. She has also had issues with a a nose that won't stop bleeding, not a nose bleed, but her nose becomes raw on the surface. She finished a cou
  9. ___________ I don't think the fall was that severe to cause all this, or it maybe it just triggered something that would have happened eventually. No, I don't think the x-rays were read by a radiologist, our vet was going to send them over to the neurologist. The July 12 appointment, I agree she can't wait that long. Yes, her neurologist is at a specialty/referral clinic for regular hours. They are open 24 hours though, so you can go there on an emergency basis. I will check tomorrow and see what our vet's thoughts are on Ava's present condition. She may be able to just send us ther
  10. Sorry this is long... We have an 8.5 year old grey (Ava) who was pretty active up until a month or so ago. On the afternoon of May 28, she was roaching on our bed and in her sleep rolled off onto her side. We have a low platform bed. I went to her and she seemed ok and got right back on our bed. We were headed to a bbq (birthday and Memorial Day) so I gave her some Tramadol in case she was sore. She seemed better, still active. A week later I noticed that she started clubbing her left foot. That same night (Sunday June 4) I felt something on her ankle and it was a long gash with re
  11. Hi sorry for the delay. Right now Pixie isn't on anything for the incontinence, I'm afraid to start the Incurin back up until after the holidays. I did mention chemo, but it wasn't for Pixie, it was for our German Shepherd July. Pixie is wearing depend panties now to keep her dry, but my plan is to get with the vet and start her back up on the Incurin after Christmas and do the right dosage. (don't want any emergencies right now with vacations and short staffed (not mine, vets, etc.. during the holidays) Thanks everybody!
  12. My Ava had a similar looking bump on her belly that the vet thought was a histocytoma. She had me give Ava Benadryl and it dried up very quickly and disappeared, just a white flat circle was left.
  13. Well SOB, about the Incurin! I went and double checked the box to make sure I hadn't done wrong... no, it says "Give 1 tablet once daily for 5 days, then 1 tablet once to twice weekly for urinary incontinence." CRAP, that scares me! Pixie is a nervous wreck at the vet.... I sit in the corner of the room on a chair and she tries to go under my legs and hide. She shivers like a leaf.
  14. Thanks everyone for your replies. I have tried using the Quote feature, but not sure if it's working for me (or I don't know how to use it). I haven't given Pixie anything since that day. Her eyes were looking buggy to me and her back feet were knuckling. She's pretty much back to normal, but now I'm too scared to try the Incurin just yet. When I started her on the Incurin, we did one every day for 5 days and then as needed. (it sounds like that isn't the right way to start it??) tbhounds, you mentioned too many undiagnosed hypertensive greyhounds being put on Proin... would Pixie
  15. Be careful if your dog is prone to seizures. I tried this on one of my greys who has seizures. The first time she had a couple seizures and I didn't put two and two together since my mom was in the hospital at the time and I was stressed. Several weeks ago I did the Petzlife and she had three seizures the next day. I looked online and see where it has triggered seizures in other dogs. I think it works, so I was sorry we couldn't use it. I hate having to get the dentals. Ava just got her teeth cleaned in February and we just did them again last week. The vet is talking like this will be
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