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  1. You have received some good ideas and advice. Your safety comes first...
  2. I'd consult the Vet. Can you video an episode and send it to them?
  3. A lot of dogs are now going through separation anxiety this year. I think you will need to start 'alone training' with Jameson. Patricia McConnell has an awesome booklet 'I'll Be Home Soon' to guide you through the process, in case you need a refresher course.
  4. My guys nip at each other when they're playing. Many Greys will do this. Do you have a basket muzzle? If so, Louie could wear it when playing with other dogs. That said... he should not be muzzled if the other dogs are not as he would have no way to defend himself if the other dogs attacked. And let's face it... if a super excited dog came up to him and started leaping and jumping around, of course he is going to respond! Nipping is not attacking...he is just playing. I will say that dog parks and greyhounds are not often a good mix...for this exact reason. It is his
  5. Izzy! Halise Ivy & Cherry....Lookin' good Oh Yes... getting old is knot for the timid. This old body of mine also has LS and painful cervical issues. There is nasty arthritis in my hands plus bone spurs in my left big toe. And some tennis elbow. My torn biseps tendon is now 75% improved thanks to the help of my physio guy . Perhaps if I gave up riding, mucking and dumping wheely barrow loads of horse poop & tossing around bales of hay I'd feel a bit better, but meanwhile the Advil & Tylenol mostly keep me going
  6. I am so very sorry that your Walter had to leave. May you cherish the joy you were given and hold those memories close to your heart.
  7. "Leave out the front door and usually wait in the porch or garage for anywhere between 30 secs to 5 mins. Or just walk up the street and back. " He knows that you have not actually left! You need to actually leave the property... not just stand outside. His ears are 'perked up' because he knows that you haven't actually left. Yes. Dogs are that smart! Pick up your car keys, put on your coat. Get in your car and drive away.... even if it is just around the corner for the first couple of times. Make it a longer trip each time.
  8. Sid, our Irish boy, LOVES to snuggle. He practically lays on top of me, moaning and sighing, and often roaches so I will scratch his belly.
  9. I am so sorry for the loss of your handsome Wags. Remember all the good times....
  10. Cynthia Merc Maybe you do need a slowfeeder dish? Frankie! Your Mom needs to put some electrical fence around your paddock! Angie Nigel got his chiro and needle pokies this morning and Doc Morag says he is "doing fantastic". And he weighs a whopping 34 kg
  11. Elizabeth! OUCH! Velvet Lovely music to dream to! Oh My! Robin...you are working much too hard Widget is moved to Kailas' coachs' barn. It has an indoor riding arena and gives excellent care. Of course one has to pay lottsa $$ for that! Yes Lucy!! We can't ride him outdoors here at home all winter...too much snow/ice/ccccold weather. Even this week, with all the cold rain it is just not suitable for doing much of anything outdoors. He and Kaila have had a wonderful few months with this new coach, plusalso she has made good friends with another teena
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