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  1. Well, yes it was May. Can't copy/ paste here. It was the Kirkland web site. Dogfoodadvosor.com/dog-food-recall
  2. Heard there is a Kirkland dog food recall, you may know this. Their web site lists the States of distribution and the bar codes to check
  3. Yes, I get the CVS brand, same as Pepcid. Our Grey gets 20 mg twice a day, per our Vet's orders
  4. I'm just now reading the posts on Jabari and it sounds like I could have typed that story! Having almost the same issues with our 12-yr old Grey. Yep, was down to 54.5 lbs and seemed to have lost the weight pretty quickly. His normal weight has been more around 65-70 lbs for some years. He has always been a picky eater but really was turning up his nose to most anything I tried. Off to the Vet we went and did complete blood work, which was pretty normal. He has had somewhat of a cough/gag type thing going on but chest x-ray looked normal. Referred to another clinic to get an abdominal ult
  5. Sounds like the canned would really be easiest! It doesn't need to be raw to have the "dog crack" effect. I had to order Tripett online but the Solid Gold Green Cow tripe is at Petco (we don't have independent holistic pet food places where I live; YMMV). I don't find the canned smells that much worse than, say, cat food. Beth adores it and does well with it, though unfortunately I'll have to stop feeding it because of her just-diagnosed pancreas issue, at least for the time being. My friend told me about the canned that PetCo carries and I went and got some. Opened it this morning
  6. Yes, Enalapril and other ACE inhibitors have been linked to kidney failure. It is not understood why, however. It is theorized that dogs/people taking these medications may already have compromised kidney function and the declining function is coincidental and has nothing to do with the medication. There may be a link, however. It is, of course, difficult to parse out when the patient is taking it for kidney failure. I can tell you that Sadie took Enalapril for nearly two years. She began at 10mg and eventually increased to 20mg. I do not believe that it "caused" kidney failure.
  7. LOL!!! Our Grey sleeps in the bedroom cause he wants to know where *we* are and that we aren't up to something.
  8. Our Grey has two beds, one in our bedroom and one in the family room. He sleeps on either of these and stays on his bed in our room during the night, always has and never gets up on the bed, won't even get up if I try to call him up. However, if we aren't here, he jumps on our bed. He thinks I don't know but I always hear a *thump* as I'm coming down the hall to the bedroom. Surprise!! He is on his bed or the floor but there is always evidence someone has been in *my* bed.
  9. Our Grey has always been a picky eater. Makes me nuts! He was losing weight (he just turned 12) off to the Vet we went. Looks like we are dealing with renal issues. Aside from that, I tried samples of various foods recommended by a Vet and he is now on Natural Balance Fish and Sweet Potato and I used a little of the canned food per meal also. It's like $2.00 a can. Just to try a little variety, I picked up a can of Bison and Venison. He turns his nose up to both. You might try and see if you can get some samples of the Natural Balance. The pet store here that sells these types of foods,
  10. Thanks so much for taking the time to send all this information. Some of which helps answer some questions. Like I said, I had contacted Dr. Dodds and I am now feeding the Natural Balance Fish and Sweet Potato with a little canned added. I tried a little of the canned Bison but he wouldn't touch it yesterday but he ate a full meal this morning with the fish one added. This is 21% protein and 10% fat. From what Dr. Dodds told me, this food should be okay even though I thought you needed a lower protein. I didn't have the information on the Dick Van Patten food. Maybe I can see if the stor
  11. If you haven't done blood work and received a dx of CRF you don't want to do this. Excess calcium binds Phos, which is what you want with kidney disease. But you do not want to do that with a dog with healthy kidneys. Excess Calcium in a dog without renal disease will bind zinc and affect potassium absorption. For a healthy dog there is plenty of Vit D in their food and with exposure to sunshine for half an hour per day. ETA: Oops, just saw in another thread you are dealing with a kidney dog. From my experience any Phos binder should help the back end weakness. I think we are dealin
  12. Ahhhhhhhh, glad to hear she is home and resting and surprised she ate and so much!!!! Well,that's over with. Whew.
  13. Hasn't had his urine rechecked and my Vet sent the original sample to an outside lab and had two tests run on it. If there's an infection, don't know where it might be. His WBC was actually low and a few others were slightly off (Low or High). X rays and the ultrasound didn't really show much except maybe a possible thickening in the lower intestine which two Vets think may be a food issue that's why it was suggested I put him on the fish diet. He had been on the Blue Chicken for Seniors.
  14. Interesting. I've noticed our Grey seems a bit weak in the rear. What doses are you giving and what brands? Can you give those supplements with renal issues?
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