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  1. Hi everyone! We have a grey who we adopted 10 months ago and we are really struggling to “read” her emotions - she’s just a very unpredictable hound! But we love her lots. When meeting other dogs, she will pull me over to them, tail wagging wanting to say hello. They will sniff politely for around 5-10seconds but then out of nowhere she will growl. They don’t even have to be sniffing her face, just “in her zone”. But whilst growling at them, she will continue to sniff them - and we just can’t work out if she wants to say hello or for them to leave her alone! And this is all
  2. We did try this but she just jumps over baby gates! Even the tall ones! And we found that she just paced. Ideally we would like to lose the crate one day but I'm not sure if she's ready just yet... Another dog did cross my mind but she doesn't seem to like dogs when inside, she will growl and raise her heckles. So may make things worse!
  3. Hi All, We have a gorgeous girl, Sable, who has been with us for three months now. My partner and I work full time and have a dog walker come in to walk her for an hour at lunch time, then he pops by in the afternoon to let her out. We had a few issues early on, we initially had her roaming downstairs with an open crate, but we found she just paced and howled the whole day, as well as chewed things and pooped on the floor. So we then decided to crate her and she was much better in a confined space, but would still bark. A month ago she was a lot better and we got it down to literall
  4. Just my dog, the other dogs we visited (two were my dad's dogs on one occasion and he doesn't own muzzles for them) and the other occasion was a lady with another greyhound and she recommended trying my dog without her muzzle on, so both dogs were un-muzzled. But she is a professional and knows what she is doing which is why I trusted my grey without the muzzle, plus I was close by in case the other dog did get too close and something happened. I wouldn't let my dog go un-muzzled with anyone else though.
  5. Yes the other dogs have all been respectful, when inside they have all left her alone but she still growls at them, and yes with 'stink-eye'. She is always muzzled if we visit another house with another dog, but we've never had any problems with the other dog not leaving her alone as they have all tended to move away from her and ignore her after the first growl. Thanks for your input!
  6. Hi All, We have had our girl for two months now and are a little stumped as to this new issue that seems to have arisen. She is absolutely fine with other dogs when outside, a little indifferent and happy to ignore them but if they approach her she will sniff them and greet politely. However, as soon as we get inside a house, even with a dog she's met outside already, she will start to growl, snarl and has lunged once or twice. I think this is her feeling insecure and a little trapped? She will growl whenever the other dog moves, not even in her direction, and I don't know how to hel
  7. Thank you everyone. I've stopped using the food and gone back to her old one for the time being until I can find a more suitable alternative! So the plan to try to help the issue is my OH is giving her treats and affection every now and then and I've reduced the affection I'm giving her, and she's already started to follow him around the house more instead of me. We've also stopped her getting on the sofa, I'm thinking a 1 week ban and see how we get on with her, then slowly start allowing her back up but only when we say she can. Does this sound like a good plan? Can't thank y
  8. Thank you so much! One thing we did think as well, we've recently started her on a new food and have started integrating it to her old. But it has a much higher protein level (30%) which could be giving her more energy - we noticed especially last night that she seems uptight and wound up all evening. I've since read that this may be too high a protein content for Grey's, so could it be this which is contributing?? It's so hard not to take it personally but she's so sweet natured, I don't think she would ever actually hurt him (but we want to nip it in the bud before it get's close to tha
  9. Hi Everyone! We adopted Sable (our first greyhound) four weeks tomorrow and she's been really good (we've had some separation anxiety issues but they are 80% resolved now!) but this week it's like something's changed in her. She's now growled at my boyfriend 4 times in the past week or so, the first time was when all three of us were on the sofa and he went and sat next to her (she was awake) and normally she is fine with this but she let out a growl. At first we weren't sure if we heard it right so he went to sit next to her again and she let out another growl. I totally get that sh
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