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  1. I found a seamstress who is going to replace the top and bottom of the covers. The sides are like new, so they don't need to be replaced. Once that occurred to me, I realized that it would be a relatively easy fix.
  2. I'm so sorry to hear about Jack's girlfriend. That's so sad. He's the nicest man, and was wonderful to do business with. I looked up DogBeds4Less. That would be the perfect solution if my beds weren't round. Elaine at www.elainespetpillows makes fabulous beds. I have a couple, plus one of my Victoria Peak beds is filled with her foam, so that bed should last a very long time. Her beds are also rectangles. I'll take Greyaholic's advice, and see if I can find someone to make a cover for these beds, and I'll contact Royal Tail coats.
  3. I understand that Victoria Peak went out of business. I desperately need two new covers for my beds. Does anyone know how to get in touch with the owner? I'd like to find out if he has some left-overs that he might sell to me.
  4. My situation has changed, and I'm able to go to Dewey after-all . So...my room is no longer available, but I'm looking forward to seeing everyone! Joni Ostrich
  5. I'm unable to go to Dewey this year, and am looking for someone to take my room at the Atlantic Oceanside. The rates are $159 Friday and Saturday, and $79 every other night. No pet fee. My email address is joniostrich@gmail.com Joni Ostrich
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