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Maisy - Your Second Gottcha Day

Guest lisa73

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Guest lisa73

Its taken me till now to even be able to post this in here and even now im doing it absolutly sobbing my heart out.


Maisy - Scarlet Time 24.8.89 - 14.8.04


Today sweetheart would have been your second gottcha day with us.

I will never forget the first time I saw you Maisy, you came to stay for the weekend with Julie who's care you were currently in. You were 13 1/2 and had lived your life up until you were handed to rescue in solitary confinement in an allotment shed. Visited who knows how many times a day just to be fed.


Now at 13 1/2 you had finally been given the chance of a family of your own, but it wasnt all good new's you had a heart and lung condition and the vet estimated you possibly had two weeks a month left to live. You stayed for the weekend and during that weekend you made yourself at home. Took over and adored us all. You left on the Sunday to go back to Manchester and my heart nearly broke. I wanted so badly to offer you that home for the last couple of weeks here with us. My main worry was Jack at the time he was eight and he adored you himself from the minute he set eyes on you, was it fair to bring you here? Love you? Then allow you to break our hearts when you left, which could only be a short matter of time? I knew dont ask me how Maisy but we had to, you had US every last one of us.


I picked you back up the following weekend not knowing what I had let myself in for, nursing a sick, elderly dog for the last few weeks of your life but totally prepared for every second of it. You werent house trained and would soil your bed, our bed, the other dogs beds and the sofa, its all you knew Maisy from your life in the shed.


Within three weeks we had it pegged girl you and I, who said you cant teach an old dog new tricks eh? More importantly after three weeks you were still here, and doing well, you ruled the house and the other dogs with an iron fist and they loved and respected you for it. Although I loved you, I tried to keep a distance between us, I didnt want to feel your loss when your time came and by keeping that distance somehow I was keeping at bay the hurt.


August came, your first Birthday with us, you were 14. I knew we had to do something special, by this time you had won me over, I loved you totally and unconditionally you were my life. So we took you on holiday and you loved every single minute of it, wandering up and down the beach stopping, breathing the air and taking in the view. Bullying other dogs on the beach who innocently came by to say hello




I will never forget at one point you opened up and you ran like you were two with the wind in your face and your ears up, I couldnt believe the speed you were making and then you jumped!! Without stopping you jumped a good two foot over a little fence on the beach, I had never seen you so alive.




Then on the way back in the car you slept cuddled up to Tzar, he was your best mate and considering you were wonky on your legs and he was a bouncy 1 1/2yr old looney we were gobsmacked at the relationship you had




In November 2004 you gave us the fright of our life, you collapsed blue and choking, we rushed you to the vets, where it was found your windpipe was detoriorating and we were told you were on borrowed time, my heart broke, you had managed to get food stuck there and this is what caused the choking, we had be careful with your meals from that day on, but we took you home again.


We made Christmas together girl, it was more than I could ever have imagined or wished for, and we began to relax again after your illness in November, you had a blast, got spoilt rotten and carried on causing absolute mayhem.




You wrecked the tree and carried on bullying the others for everything you were worth, everything they had was yours and they let you.




We got to your first gottcha day and I was so so proud of you, I had never seen fight in anything man nor best to the degree I did in you. You loved life, moreso you loved us and you werent going to let it all go without a fight.


The snow came shortly after and you loved it, scampering round, you had real tantrums if we tried to go out for walks without you, so against best advice we ignored it and you came, you did what you wanted Maisy and I always admired that quality in you.




We took you away on holiday again in June 2004, you had slowed down slightly but I can remember the day we met up with a lot of the Gap members on Talacre beach and I had to physically restrain you, because you wanted to run, and you were going blue, but still wouldnt give up. You sat on my knee under sufferance and bit every single dog that came close enough to you, it was the only way you could protest your disgust.


We aimed for your second Birthday with us Princess, you would have been 15, sadly it wasnt to be, around the 8th August you started to loose that spark, the flare that had always been there and kept you going, I knew what was happening but I hoped against hope that you would pull it back, you always did before.


By August 13th I knew we were fighting a loosing battle and we booked to have you pts at home with us all as a family on 16th after one last weekend together, but you being you Maisy you had to have it your way.


You took a turn for the worst the evening of the 13th and I knew we wouldnt make it to the Monday, you sat at 10pm stuffing Cheeseburgers and chocolate your eyes beaming once more, but you were so so tired. At 12.30am on 14th I made the hardest car journey I have ever had to make to take you to your eternal sleep, we were both calm whilst we sat cuddling in the back of the car, your breathing suddenly became clearer than I have ever known it.


You still werent going to make it easy for me were you? You faught me like a bloody little trooper all the way, biting me, refusing to lie down and accept the needle, no way were you going to go out of this world without a tantrum, I can laugh now Moo because that was you!! If you had lay down and accepted it easily I would have left it to long.


You taught us how to laugh




and how to cry, this was taken when Jack was really poorly and you wouldnt leave his side




How to be proud




But Most of all Moomin how to love :wub:


I am greatful for every second I was privelaged to be owned by you Princess. I will never forget, or stop loving you and you will always be here with me in my heart.


Oh and Maisy, thank you for the Rainbow xx

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Guest benson

What a beautiful tribute. She was lucky to have you for her last days. Or would you prefer to say you were lucky to have her in your life. What a sweetie. She's running and jumping at the bridge with the rest of our babies.

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That was so beautiful. Of course I'm bawling like a baby now myself. I am so very sorry for your loss. Maisy was someone truly special, to be certain. You were blessed to find one another. :grouphug

...............Chase (FTH Smooth Talker), Morgan (Cata), Reggie (Gable Caney), Rufus
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Forever loved -- Cosmo (System Br Mynoel), March 11, 2002 - October 8, 2009.
Miss Cosmo was a lady. And a lady always knows when to leave.

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Guest wmlcml6

I should never ever read these at work. I write this with a tear in my eye and a lump in my throat. :( That was a beautiful tribute to a big spirited girl.

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Guest 8_Greyt_Greys

what a wonderful way to remember you baby. This is so beautiful.

im sitting here crying .She was a very lucky girl to find you.

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Maisy was SUCH a beautiful girl! What a fantastic story about her - it's always so sad to hear about those who have passed, but also so touching to know how much a greyhound has touched the lives of their people. :wub:

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My eyes were watering like crazy as I finished reading this. :cry1 What a wonderful special girl, and I just wanted to say how much I admire you for taking her into your home and heart. Bless you and people like you for it. :angel

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Oh beautiful Maisy girl...you remind me so much of Angel Sophia...not just the physical resemblance but your actions too. I know...I just know that Angel Sophia was there waiting for you. You girls keep on ruling with those iron paws and don't forget to send us our rainbows.... :angelwings:angelwings


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Guest greytgreys

what an absolute beautiful tribute to a beautiful, game dog. She was so blessed to have you for her family the last year, to be loved, spoiled and part of a family.


Bless you for being owned by her.. for allowing her to choose you and you accepting her choice..


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How Beautiful for a very special girl.....

<b>These of course are just my humble opinions and in no way express the thoughts or ideas of the management, staff or members of this or any other board.. </b>
James River Greyhounds, Richmond VA
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Guest auntiesara

Tears here too for your very special girl.What a heartwarming story!Along with Girlfriend she will be making friends with our Angel Rosie,who acted like a mother to the rest of our pack....


Sara and Charlie

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